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Making An Offer on a Home

You're looking to buy a house and want to know how to make an offer. All My Sons Moving And Storage Of Jacksonville suggest the following:

First thing you need to do is determine what you're willing to offer. This decision comes from comparable sales, the housing market and taxes. Trying to come up with this figure can be stressful. If you offer too little, you may lose the house, offer too much and you can be stuck with a bad purchase. In times like these, you need the advice of your real estate agent. Listen carefully to his/her suggestions. The decision will come down to you of course, but hearing different opinions can sometimes be helpful. When you make that offer, it will begin negotiations. It could simply be that one offer and that's that, but serious home buyers know they can expect a counteroffer from the seller. According to AOL.com, a sales contract will show you how much of a down payment you have, your first mortgage (if any) and whether or not you're going to require a second trust. This information is very important to the seller because it shows that you're a serious buyer.

Another way the seller will know that you're serious is through your deposit. Usually the deposit is handled by the real estate broker or an attorney. This deposit of course goes towards the down payment of the house. The amount should show the seller that you're serious. A good rule of thumb for the deposit is about 2 percent of the offer price. Usually, this 2 percent is enough to show that you're serious. After the offer has been made, you need to give some time to the seller to respond. On a sales contract there's a timetable included for the deal. This basically gives the seller a certain time frame to respond. There's also a date for going to settlement and a date for taking possession of the house should the offer be accepted. Once the seller accepts, then it's off to the courthouse and there the deal gets closed.

Making an offer can be tricky sometimes. You offer too little and someone else will get your house. Follow these suggestions the next time you want to make an offer. If you're moving in the Jacksonville area, then make sure to call the Jacksonville movers, your local Jacksonville moving company, to help you with your move. Our Jacksonville moving company has been moving families like yours for over 20 years. Our expert movers are backed by four generations of moving experience! Our Jacksonville moving specialists will do all the heavy lifting for you, they'll even quilt pad wrap all your belongings so they'll never get damaged. If you want to have an easy move, call us today.