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Home Odor Matters When Selling

Selling a home these days is a tough task. Even with the help of a professional realtor that is well-connected and understands the market of 2011, it can still be a little hard. There’s a lot of preparation, a lot of cleaning, home staging and showcasing it in the best light. The odor of a home is rarely thought of when it comes to preparing a home for sale. However, it’s very important and part of the entire sales package. When potential home buyers come into your place to visit, examine and see if your floor plan and square footage is right for them, you don’t want them to hurry their visit because they can’t stand the smell. Not only will it make them uncomfortable, it will also leave a bad impression of the place.

In a competitive market like the real estate one we are in, home sellers really have to think about everything in order to make that sale final. Bad odors in a home can come from a number of things. For example, pets. If you have a pet, he or she has probably had a few accidents in your home. If it wasn’t taken care of properly and cleaned thoroughly, it can leave a lingering smell not to mention stain. If you have carpet around your home, pet odors will be even stronger. Also, when you’re showing the house to potential home buyers, try to find a place for your four-legged friend to stay. Your visitors might be very sensitive to the pet odor or even be allergic. Remember, having a pet means there’s an odor that seeps into the upholstery on couches, wood floors and even area rugs.

Cigarette odor is another culprit of bad smells around the house. Cigarette smoke can penetrate drapes, upholstered furniture, window covering, even working itself into walls. There are some solutions that can be applied and help reduce the smell, but you can try an ozone generator to really make a difference. When you’re trying to sell your home, it’s crucial that it’s displayed in the best of light and smell definitely has something to do with it. Some realtors go as far as baking cookies to make the house smell sweet and delicious before an open house.

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