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Home Decorating Mistakes

There are many ways to decorate a home. Many ways to make it charming, personable and inviting to others. After you move into a new space, it sometimes can be hard to rearrange your space, especially if it’s bigger and you need to add furniture and decorative pieces to spruce it up. The first few weeks after moving into a new home, it doesn’t always feel like a home right away. It takes time to make it your own, build memories in that space and feel comfortable.

To make it easier to decorate your new space, here are a few tips that some of the professional designers live by. Take the couch for example. The living room is a very important space in the home. It’s where everyone gathers, watched TV, discusses and even falls asleep sometimes. If you have a standard size sofa, think to add just two decorative pillows on each side of the couch. Don’t overdo it with the plush things.

If you’re going to have floor-length curtains, try to hang them from the ceiling to make it look like there’s more height.

Don’t place an area rug over wall-to-wall carpeting. Area rugs should be used to create focus on a specific element, so place it under a coffee table that’s standing on wood floors.

If you’re going to use your collection of books as a decorative element in a room, try not to mix and match your paperbacks and hard cover books. Keep those two separate and create little vignettes around the house. You can also use coffee table books to accentuate a beautiful coffee table.

Don’t push all of your seating against the wall, move it around and make it float. Use the center part of a room for a nice seating arrangement, corners to showcase a beautiful chair and other ways that aren’t traditional. Just make sure to leave a few feet of space between the pieces so people can get through.

If you moved into a bigger home and realize you need new furniture, try not to buy all of your newer pieces in one place. By shopping in different boutiques, you’ll encounter different styles, different price points and have the chance to have really unique pieces in your home.

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