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Negotiating Tips When Buying A House

You’ve spent months looking for that perfect house to call a home. You’ve been to open houses, dealt with realtors, even dealt with the banks for good lending. Now you have to negotiate the best price for your dream home. You want to make sure you know the market and are respectable to the seller. You don’t want to low ball, your first offer should be a fair price to the seller. You can certainly offer a price that’s lower and that’s probably even expected in the real estate arena, but offering something way off will get you nowhere. Just an angry seller and a fast rejection.

Knowing your market is key in negotiating a good price for your next dream home. By being informed, you’ll have valid reasons for which you think the price you’re offering is fair or why the price the seller is asking is unfair. The local Jacksonville moving specialists remind you that you realtor can help you with statistics, details and other type of information about the location and neighborhood. If there are homes selling on the same block, you can verify what their asking price and see if it’s aligned with the price tag of your dream home.

Knowing the seller also gives you great leverage for negotiating. If you know what the situation of the seller is that can in handy. Do they have to sell fast because they’re moving due to job relocation? A marriage? How long have they been trying to sell their place? What is their financial situation in regards to the home? Are they close to having to succumb to a foreclosure?

Before you start negotiating the price tag of the house, consider various ways to get discounts. Besides a direct percentage off of the asking price, you can maybe get the seller to contribute to closing costs. Or maybe ask them to renovate a specific part of the house. Or even work out a contract where you rent to own. Your real estate agent also might have important information that can help during negotiations.

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