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Move-In Ready Homes

If you’re looking to sell your home, selling is as is may not be the best idea. You’re risking not getting the price you asked for or not selling it at all if it’s not in a move-in state. According to Coldwell Banker. 87% of first time homebuyers prefer to buy a home that they can just move into and not do a lot of work on it.

You might not understand the idea of fixing up your place only to sell it and move out, but it has been found that fixed-up homes sell faster for money than the ones that need work. According to RISMedia, when about $40,000 worth of work has been done to a house, the asking price is about $100,000 more. But rest assured, not all homes need that much work, that was just an example. But little repairs here and there, a fresh coat of paint, decluttering the place can get you the price you want.

These little repairs can include leaky pipes, broken windows, worn out ceiling, landscaping, even replacing the flooring if you possible. You don’t have to completely remodel specific rooms, unless they are really outdated. At this point you can choose to invest in the entire project or just upgrade a part of it. For example not the entire kitchen, but maybe the cabinets or add newer appliances. Try too keep all renovations neutral and not too customized to your taste for a greater chance of selling your home.

First time homebuyers typically don’t want to spend the extra time or money doing all these various things to fix up a place. They don’t want to deal with hiring contractors, buying materials or doing the job themselves. They’re looking for a comfortable space they can call home. That’s even more true if the buyer comes from a nice rental community where space was nice and amenities were plentiful.

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