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Where Are The Most Favorable Markets?

The last few months have been good to the real estate industry, we've been hearing so much more about higher home prices, more construction and recovering markets across the U.S. Zillow, the popular real estate search engine, has studied the latest markets among buyers and sellers and discovered that the improvements differ through the cities. The local Jacksonville movers found out buyers fair better in some areas, while sellers do better in others. On a general basis, things are looking for both groups, however there are considerable differences depending on whether you're a buyer or seller.

 The local Jacksonville moving specialists found out that in some real estate markets, buyers have more bargaining powers compared to sellers and in other areas, the sellers are able to sell their place in no time, often times after bidding wars that makes the price tag go even higher than anticipated. The All My Sons of Jacksonville learned that in California and metro areas in the Southwest, it's the sellers that have the upper hand. In the Midwest and the Mid-Atlantic metro areas, the buyers are more powerful. In San Francisco, San Jose and Sacramento, the sellers are on top. In chicago, Cleveland and Philadelphia, the buyers are getting their way.

The local Jacksonville movers learned that when the the sellers are on top, that means that their listings are on the market for a shorter period of time and the price cuts happen less often. Homes are sold for more than the asking price or the actual asking price. When buyers have the upper hand, the homes are typically are listed for a longer time and there are more price cuts. The loca Jacksonville moving specialists learned Las Vegas, Phoenix, Seattle and Washington are among the Top 10 Sellers List. Pittsburg, New York, Charlotte Baltimore and Columbus are part of the top 10 Buyer's list. Many of the top sellers markets are in places that defined the most hard hit areas during the housing bust such as Arizona. This is happening due to the interest by investors that are transforming distressed properties into rental properties.