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Getting Rid of Smells in Your New Home

Moving can be as thrilling as it is stressful. A new city, new people, and a new home are all things to look forward to. But nothing can deflate your spirit quite like a new home that smells. Whether it is cigarette smoke, a smelly kitchen, or an undistinguishable smell coming from an unknown source, your Jacksonville moving company can help you eradicate the odor and start to make your house a home!

Your floors are likely contributing to the strange smell lingering in your home. Carpet, tile, and wood can all hang on to smells, so this is a source you will want to tackle in the beginning of the process. Carpets hold in smells more than any other kind of flooring, so take extra care of them if you have them in your new home. Start with a scented rug cleaner, and leave it on the carpet for the maximum amount of time. Vacuum up the product afterword. If that does not do the trick, you may want to rent a steam cleaner or hire a professional carpet cleaning company to tackle the job. If you have wood or tile floors, clean them thoroughly with a safe and effective cleaner, you can even clean them twice.

You will also want to clean the walls, doors, and ceilings next. As air (and smells) rise, they cling to the walls and end up on ceilings, so this step is essential. Use a deep, all-purpose cleaner for this job. Make sure to test a small area so that you know it is safe for your ceiling material and paint, and will not stain or eat through the paint. Fill up a bucket with the cleaner and hot water, and start with a mop or cover a broom with an old towel. You will need a ladder to reach the top of the walls and the ceilings. After you are done, smell the walls and see if you can still smell the odor. If you can, you may need to repair the walls or use a sealant and then a fresh coat of paint, to help keep the smell from seeping through the walls. However, if the smell is coming from the walls, you may want to find out if something dead is hidden in the wall, such as a small rodent; otherwise, the smell could potentially never go away and you could get a bug problem on top of it.  

You will also want to make sure to give your windows a good cleaning. After they are clean and dry, keep them open. You will want as much fresh air circulating into your home as possible.

You can put some products around your home to help rid the smells too. If you have an air purifier, great! Turn it on and keep it on, until your work is done. You should fill bowls with vinegar and place them around your home too. This will help neutralize the bad smell. If you have kids or pets, place the bowls out of their reach. You can also buy some air fresheners and oil plug-ins to aid in the process, but know that these products will just cover up the smell, they will not eradicate it.

Your Jacksonville movers know how upsetting it can be to move into a home that smells. Whether it is from cigarettes or some other stinky scent, know that it can (and will) be eliminated with hard work and perseverance. Once the smell is gone, you will be so happy with all of your work and ready to invite your new friends and neighbors over for a house warming party!