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5 Ways to Make Your St. Augustine House Look Bigger

If you are moving to St. Augustine, Florida, you may be in need of St. Augustine movers. All My Sons of St. Augustine can help. But you may also be searching for ways to make your St. Augustine house appear to be bigger. Trust these easy but effective methods.


One: Consider Your Flooring


Often we use flooring, especially area rugs, to define a space. But this approach tends to break up the space, making it look smaller. Instead, consider uniform flooring throughout a room, floor of a house, or even the entire house. Flooring that flows from one space into the next creates the sense that each room is part of a larger, uninterrupted space.


Two: Consider Your Paint


It’s widely understood that light or pale paint colors tend to make a space look larger. This reason is that light colors reflect light and allow you to capitalize on any natural light in a room. It’s a best if the walls are flooring are in the same tonal family.


Three: Consider Lighting


Big windows and plenty of natural light are ideal when you are trying to make a space appear even bigger, but sometimes artificial lighting is necessary. You want lighting that contributes to the style and visual impact you are trying to create in your home. It’s recommended that you select slender floor lamps in with a base and shade in the same finish, preferably one that matches the tones of your walls and floor.


Four: Consider Your Furniture


Overstuffed, oversized furniture can make a small space appear even smaller. Your furniture should match the scale of your room. Again, it’s helpful to select furniture in the same color family as your walls and flooring. Couches should be on legs, elevated about 5 inches off the ground with low arms. Skipping a coffee table can be helpful, as coffee tables break up the flow of a room. Opt for side tables instead.


Five: Reduce Clutter


Sometimes collectibles and knickknacks seem to make a space feel personal, but in reality they simply work to fill space. Your goal is to make a small space feel bigger; knickknacks do just the opposite and create a sense of clutter. It’s a good idea weed out any clutter that you can. If you have much loved collectibles that you simply cannot part with, consider displaying three—displays of odd numbers of objects tends to be the most visually pleasing—and packing the others away, then rotating them every few weeks.


With these simple tips, you can make your lovely new home appear even larger. The general strategy is to create a feeling of spaciousness by effectively using color, light, and furniture and accessories in a way that draws attention to the space in your home. And your St. Augustine movers can assist by making your move as simple as possible.