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Essential Guide to Moving with Pets – Moving with Cats and Dogs

How to Move with Pets to Florida

Pets are family. When you are moving into a new home, you’ll more than likely want to bring your beloved furry family member with you. However, a certain level of preparation is needed to successfully move with your pets.

At All My Sons Moving & Storage, we have helped hundreds of families move to Jacksonville and other cities throughout Florida. Many of those families had cats or dogs that needed to take with them.

Trust our Jacksonville full-service movers to take care of your relocation from start to finish. When it comes to moving with pets, our local movers have compiled some helpful tips.

Is Moving Stressful for Cats and Dogs?

Yes, both cats and dogs can become stressed out by a move. That isn’t too surprising, considering a move can be an overwhelming experience for humans and animals alike. In fact, that’s an essential step to make your move more stress-free, and that’s to keep yourself as calm as possible. Pets are incredibly in-sync with their owners, and if they sense you’re stressed, they’ll also become anxious [1]. A relaxed owner equals chill pets.

How to Prepare My Pets for a Move?

Before your Jacksonville full-service movers arrive at your house on moving day, there are a few important things to do to prepare your pets to ensure they stay safe and comfortable.

  • Proper Identification. Make sure your cat or dog wears a collar with a proper identification tag. Include your cell phone number and other important contact information so you can easily be contacted should your pet get lost during the moving process. Having your pets microchipped is the ideal choice.
  • The Right Kennel. If you are moving your pets inside a crate, it’s best to get them acclimated to it well in advance of your move [2]. Start by putting their food bowl into the crate, feed them with door open and then closed. After they’ve acclimated enough, have them sleep in the crate during the weeks or even months before moving day.
  • On Moving Day. Moving day can be chaotic. With your Jacksonville local movers packing up everything and loading them into your moving truck, your pets may get stressed out. Avoid this by having your pets stay at a friend’s house during moving day. Pick them up once you’re ready to travel to your new place.

If you are planning on moving with pets to Florida, call All My Sons Moving & Storage Jacksonville at 904-574-5288. Speak with one of our relocation experts to learn more helpful moving tips or receive your free no obligation quote today.



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