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Tips for Easy Unpacking After a Move

Often, one of the most significant challenges of moving actually comes after the move to a new location has been completed. When you and your Jacksonville movers arrive at your new home, it is generally to a sea of boxes and packages that have just been unloaded by the movers. It would be difficult if not impossible to go through all those boxes in a single day, so it is important to know which boxes need to be opened immediately so you can begin the important job of setting up house, and which can wait a while until the stress of moving has settled down a bit. Use these tips to make unpacking from a move go more easily.

Have Individual Bags

Have everyone in the family pack an individual suitcase that contains all the essentials they will need for a few days at the new house. This includes things like clothing, toiletries, towels, and washcloths. Don’t forget lightweight entertainment items like books, video games, or other fun things to do. If moving day falls close to work or school, don’t forget to load up a bag or backpack with all necessary work documents or school books so you are not caught unprepared. Finally, pack a small suitcase or bag for the family pets as well. Include food and food bowls, but also some favorite toys or bedding. Getting accustomed to a new house is often hard on dogs and cats.

Keep Necessities Separate

Pack an assortment of household necessities in one or two boxes and plan to open them first. Include everything you will need to spend the night and wake up fresh the next morning if either you or the Jacksonville movers handling your move are delayed and you end up making it to your new home much later than you had anticipated. Pack sheets, pillows, and other bedding for all family members. Also include a few dishes and an assortment of silverware, as well as staple foods like coffee or tea. Clearly mark on the box that it is to be opened first, and carry this box with you rather than sending it separately with the movers if at all possible. That way you will have it even if the movers are delayed.

Label Everything

Clearly label all boxes and other items with what they contain and what room they belong in. Be as consistent as possible with your labeling across everything you pack, trying to use the same type of marker for writing and the same system. This makes placing the items in your home and deciding what needs to be unpacked first much easier. If you forget an item that should be in your emergency box, this system also makes it much easier to find what you need in a pinch. Your Jacksonville movers with thank you too, as this allows them to know the best place to leave each box as they take it off the truck, and to group together like boxes while they are loading.

With these few simple tips, you can make unpacking from your move much easier and more efficient. Just as you probably used a system to ensure that everything was packed for moving day, take measures to make sure everything is unpacked in good order as well.