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Decorating for Easter in Your New Jacksonville Home

Spring is a wonderful time of year to move into a new home in Jacksonville. The weather is just right for working on the exterior of your home, enhancing its curb appeal, and brightening the inside of your home with spring decorations for holidays such as Easter! For tips on getting your home ready for the most popular spring holiday, All My Sons Moving & Storage of Jacksonville has a list of creative ideas for decorating for Easter. So let’s hop to it!

Easter Front Door Wreath – Bring your entry way to life with an Easter wreath that displays live succulents and moss. Choose succulents in vibrant greens and pastel purples to match the other Easter decorations inside your home.

Easter Banner – Create your very own Easter banner with materials found at your local craft store. Pick up pastel-colored paper pennant cutouts, fun sticker letters, string and tape to display a celebratory banner across your mantle or mirror in your entry way.

Bird’s Nest with Robin’s Eggs – Embrace spring with faux bird’s nests and robin’s eggs throughout your home. You can either buy them from a home goods store or create your own from aluminum foil, moss, and turquoise painted eggs.

Egg Carton Centerpiece – Create a unique Easter centerpiece after moving to Jacksonville with eggs, flowers, and an egg carton. Simply, pierce the top of each raw egg with a needle and widen the hole gently with the press of your thumb. Empty all contents of the eggs and rinse the shells with water. Cut your spring flowers down to a short height and place them inside the egg shells. Put the egg shells back in the carton and voila – you have your Easter centerpiece.

Colorful Entry Way – Brighten up your porch or the entry way to your home with colorful potted plants. Our local Jacksonville movers suggest planting bright perennial flowers so they last you through the spring season in Florida’s subtropical climate.

Framed Easter Bunnies – This decorating tip makes it easy to hang Easter bunnies on your wall. All you need is square shadow boxes, pastel scrapbook paper, and an Easter bunny stencil. Use the stencil to create your Easter bunny cutouts from your scrapbook paper. Use a separate design from your scrapbook paper to use as the background behind each bunny and place it inside the shadow box.

Springtime Table Runner – Make your centerpiece pop with a table runner that’s perfect for springtime. Choose something in a pastel color or one that has a picture of a rabbit, carrot, or bird on it. All My Sons Jacksonville movers like searching for their ideal seasonal table runners at discount home goods stores, as there’s usually some great finds!

Tea Time Easter Display – Bust out that beautiful china set you never use and create a fun tea time display with colorful flowers and bright napkins. You can even get more creative and stack tea cups on top of each other, filling the top cup with flowers for an attention-grabbing Easter presentation.