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Costs Associated With Moving to Jacksonville

When people think about moving to or from one residence to another, they often don’t realize how much it will cost them. If you are moving in Jacksonville, be sure to plan for these expenses.

Housing Costs

The cost of moving is, by far, not limited to the cost of Jacksonville movers, or the rental of a moving truck. When you move into a new apartment, rental house, or home of your own, there are upfront costs that have to be taken care of. Many rental homes and apartments require new tenants to pay a security deposit as well as the first and last months’ rent at the time of moving in. This is a practice that provides security for the property owner, but can present a big challenge for potential residents. Security deposits can be from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the location, the size of the home, and amenities of the specific residence. The first and last month’s worth of rent can be much more.

If you are moving into a house or condo that you are purchasing, there are also plenty of upfront costs, particularly closing costs and fees associated with the origination of the mortgage. Depending on your circumstances, much of this can be rolled into the mortgage and won’t have to be paid in hard cash all at once.


When you move to a new residence, you will likely be required to pay a deposit to the natural gas, electricity, water, and other utility providers. These deposits can be up to a few hundred dollars apiece.

Transporting Your Possessions

Whether you rent a moving truck or hire a team of Jacksonville movers, you’ll need to plan for that expense. If you are renting a truck, the amount you will pay will depend on your mileage, the truck size, extra equipment such as straps, quilts, padding, towing dollies, and the amount of time you have the truck. If you hire moving services, your costs will likely depend on the extent of the services you receive, such as packing, loading, driving, unloading, unpacking, and set up. The cost of hiring Jacksonville movers may be surprisingly comparable to the cost of renting a truck and doing all of the work yourself.

Transporting Yourself And Your Family

If you are moving to a location far from your current home, this can be a large expense. It can be in the form of gasoline and any necessary overnight lodging, or it can include airplane fair or other travel expenses.

Be Prepared.

If you are moving because of a change in employment, whether for a new job or a change in location at your current job, find out what, if any, expenses are reimbursable. Find out what documentation you will need, such as receipts, etc., in order to be reimbursed, and make sure that you save these in a folder devoted especially to documents pertaining to your move. It may also be possible to have an advance in pay from your employer in order to help smooth the transition financially.

Don’t get caught off-guard by these expenses. If you know in advance that you will be moving, find out how much money you will need in order to cover all of these expenses, and then make a plan of how you will pay for each of the expenses by saving and setting aside money beforehand, using a credit card account, applying for reimbursement from your employer, or borrowing money from a family member or friend