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Choosing a Good School for Your Children

Moving to a new state means starting all over again. As parents, we want the best options for our kids. Choosing a good school for your children is tough enough when they’re starting school for the first time, but when you’re unfamiliar with the schools in the new neighborhood, even more so. Our Jacksonville movers share some tips to help you find a school that’s a good fit for your kids.



When it comes to choosing a good school for your children there needs to be sufficient research done first. Don’t worry so much about the area, instead, pay more attention to what the reviews say about the school.  Some of the best schools just so happen to be in low demographic areas. You can also ask neighbors and parents about certain schools and what they recommend. Keep in mind that each parent will have different priorities and opinions about what they think is best for their own children’s education. Trust your intuition.


Visit the School

Most schools offer a tour of their campus and you can request a meeting with teachers and the administrations to get a better sense of the culture within the school. This a great opportunity for you to see how the school works and what the dynamic is like. You can also drive by the school and see how the carpool lanes work and what it looks like after the school day ends. You want to make sure there is sufficient security and children are well taken care of. A school should not be chaotic nor too regimented either, you want the right balance for your children between discipline and room to grow and discover who they are.


Start Early

Unless you choose a school with an irregular schedule, such as a year-round institution, most schools start the academic year between the end of August or beginning of September. After the holidays, classes usually resume in January. In order to make sure your child is enrolled in the school, you need to start early in the decision-making process. From the moment you know you are going to move you need to start doing your research. Don’t waste time choosing a good school for your children.


Your Children’s Happiness

While you may want is best for your child, you also have to consider their decision when it comes to school. At the end of the day, your child is the one that will be attending the school. Discuss their academic interests as well as extracurricular activities they might want to participate in. Include your children in the decision-making process.


Moving to Jacksonville

Once you have found the perfect school for your children you will need a reliable moving company to ensure the relocation process goes smoothly. All My Sons Moving & Storage Jacksonville is a kid-friendly and budget-friendly moving company offering moving labor as well as full-service moving packages for local and long-distance moves. Call today to speak to one of our local or long-distance Jacksonville movers to find out more about out our pricing and availability.