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How To Buy the Right Dining Table

When you move into a new place there are many things you bring in with you from your last apartment or home but most likely you’re also buying new things. And if you’re family is growing or just for a change of style, you might want to outfit your kitchen with a brand new dining table. The local Jacksonville movers are here to help you make the right choice.

Dining tables come in such a variety of sizes, colors and styles that it’s hard to pick only one. There are bistro tables ideal for breakfast nook or patio, but might not be great for a larger kitchen or family for that matter. There are large and round tables that encourage conversation and great for entertaining friends. It allows you to place all of your food and drinks at once and not have to keep getting up to serve more food. There are rectangular dining tables, also great because of their size.

Before you go out and purchase your favorite dining table, the All My Sons of Jacksonville movers suggest you measure our dining room or kitchen first. Try to leave at least 48 inches between the edge of the table and wall or closets furniture piece. As far as size of the table, consider how many people you’ll have for meals every day and night. Do you have a big family What about holidays, will you have many guest? Do you have little children and need extra space for booster seats? Do you entertain a lot? The answers to these questions will help you determine how big of a table you really need.

In terms of dining table style, think about the décor you have around the house. Is it modern? Rustic? Contemporary? Do you like wood such as oak, cherry or mahogany or you rather have a glass table? These are things you should think about before you head out to shop. Having guidelines and preferences laid out is really helpful.

Don’t forget, to complete your dining room, you might have to add a few accessories. The local Jacksonville moving specialists suggest a chandelier or a light fixture hanging above the table. Think of fancy tablecloths or even the style and fabric of the chairs can change the entire look. Nice dinner plates and even a rug right under the table can add a lot of décor to the space.