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Info On Chinese Drywall From The Jacksonville Movers

With the help of an article on MSN.com, the Jacksonville local movers are here to help you know a little more about the facts and findings surrounding Chinese drywall. If you know more, you can protect yourself more. So please read the following carefully and take the necessary steps to find out whether you’re living in an apartment of home with this toxic material.

Chinese drywall isn’t actually being used any more in the building of new homes because of the latest complaints of nosebleeds, sinus infections, vomiting spells for pets and people, corrosion and blackening of copper tubing and wiring and more. Last Spring, The Consumer Product Safety Commission conducted 44 investigations and here are some of those findings:

The one thing many of the affected houses had in common is water damage, through floods, leaks or even humidity. The moisture in the air can cause the hydrogen sulfide to lea out of the drywall. Drywall companies at this point are also doing their own investigating.

A strontium test on drywall was done by a fire chief and concluded that results were 0.23%, 6.1 times higher than the U.S. drywall test sample, meaning it tested positive for strontium sulfide inclusions. These can react with moisture in the air and produce hydrogen sulfide gas.

Even the investigators were having symptoms during the testing. They said they detected a burning metal smell. They began to feel itchy and have watery eyes as well as a scratchy throat. They also said they felt dizzy and had a headache. After leaving the residences that they were investigating, the symptoms persisted until an hour later.

These were some of the findings posted on the MSN article. It goes into much more details with documented results and more findings. But a lot of these seems to be inconclusive, there isn’t one definitive answer surrounding Chinese drywall. All My Sons of Jacksonville suggests being extra careful and be sensitive to any changes you might experience in your own home. If something is out of the ordinary, check in with a doctor and do some investigating of your won. Find out when your home was built, find out if you can if Chinese Drywall was used and research online.

And if you haven’t moved in to your place yet, there’s still time to find out about what materials have been used it its construction. Don’t be shy about asking all the questions you have. And don’t forget to call the Jacksonville local moving company to help you have a smooth moving day. Our experienced Jacksonville movers will take care of all the details for you so you don’t have to worry about a thing.