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The Ultimate Franklin Park Moving Guide

Your moving date is fast approaching, and you may feel like you have no idea where to even start tackling the long list of tasks you need to complete in preparation. Rest assured, this feeling is normal. You can relax, our Franklin Park local movers are here with the ultimate moving guide to help you.


Have you contacted your utility companies regarding your services? As you get closer to the day of your move, you want to contact your utility company to shut off service in your old house and schedule the activation of your utilities in the new house. If you are moving to an area that uses other utility companies, research potential service providers to make sure you’re receiving reliable, quality service. Don’t wait until the last minute to schedule your utilities, you wouldn’t want to arrive at your new house without water or electricity.

Update Your Contact Information

Another important task on your moving checklist: updating your contact information for all your accounts. Before the chaos of moving and settling in, make sure to have your mail forwarded to your new address, which can be done by filling out a form in person at your local post office or requesting the service online.1 Once you’ve settled in and you have more time to tie up loose ends of the move, update your address and other relevant information with your financial institution, employer, primary physician, the Social Security Administration if you’re receiving benefits, and other organizations from which you receive mail. Finally, make sure to let your friends and family take note of your new address so they can send letters, post cards, and housewarming gifts or to surprise you with a visit.

Enroll Children in School

Though the summer is the busiest time for moving, it is ideal for many parents because their children are not in school. If the move requires that you enroll your children in a different school, moving in the summer gives you the advantage of researching the schools in the area more thoroughly and granting you enough time to fill out all the necessary paperwork. The kids won’t miss important lessons nor will they be too unsettled from the move to focus on their schoolwork.


When you move to another city, you’re most likely going to need to find a new primary care physician for yourself, a pediatrician for your children, and a new veterinarian for your pets. Contact your previous healthcare providers and request that your medical records be transferred to your new doctor. Before school starts, make sure your children are up-to date on their shots and vaccines.

Hiring a Moving Company

This one is almost a given, but you would be surprised by how many times people have neglected to make the necessary arrangements with their moving company. Start researching moving companies by asking friends and family for recommendations and use the internet to find others and read reviews and testimonials. Did you know that All My Sons Moving & Storage Franklin Park offers various moving packages and will work with you to create a moving plan that fits within your budget? For example, our Franklin Park long-distance movers are licensed and qualified to move you any distance, whether it’s across the state or across the country. You may opt for our labor-only services or decide to include the Franklin Park auto movers so you don’t have to stress about driving your car for so many miles.


Now that you have made the necessary arrangements ahead of time, the next task on the moving checklist is one of the most daunting: packing. You DO NOT want to leave packing for the last minute. You should start the packing process at least six weeks before you move. Take this opportunity to get rid of stuff you don’t want any more to save yourself the trouble of packing them only to get rid of it later. As you seal up a completely packed box, label it with the room where it belongs in order to make it easier to organize in the new house. It would make it even easier to unpack it you list the contents of the box, generally, on the label as well.


Moving can be overwhelming and you might not feel like you will get everything done by the time you’re supposed to move out, but take a deep breath, relax. Our ultimate moving guide is there to serve as a reference to help you keep track of everything. Our Franklin Park movers have over two decades of experience moving families and businesses across the country. Contact us to learn about all our moving services, how we can make your move hassle-free, and get your free, no-obligation moving quote.



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