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Tips for Redecorating Your Bedroom

Don’t worry about having an outdated living space! There are several decorating tips that are perfect for redecorating your bedroom. It’s time to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. Relocating to a new place with your old furniture and linens can make your bedroom feel too familiar. Our dedicated Franklin Park movers are here to share a few of the best tips when you’re planning a bedroom makeover.

Accessorize with Hints of Color

If your living space is feeling dull and lacking dimension, you can incorporate hints of color. Redecorating your bedroom is easy when you use accessories that offer a contrast to the overall ambiance, keeping the space interesting. Try to shy away from the colors you’ve used before and try newer ones instead.

Our Franklin Park residential movers recommend using color in the elements you can easily change out such as curtains or wall art. You could add an abstract mural above your bed or a blush pink rug underneath your furniture. You will notice your bedroom will look completely different with these subtle hints of color. Don’t forget to choose colors you enjoy while also branching out of your comfort zone for a slightly more dramatic bedroom makeover.

Move the Furniture Around

The most affordable option when you’re redecorating your bedroom is to move the furniture around. There is no need to go out and purchase all new furniture for your new home. It’s proven your bedroom can look drastically different just by adjusting the placement of your belongings. This is a simple but effective tip that won’t break the bank! You can place your bed against a different wall than the one in your old home. Pushing your furniture against unfamiliar walls and corners will make it feel like a new living space. This is a great way to discover new chunks of space while giving your furniture a new placement.

Change Your Bedroom Linens

Another simple tip you can follow as you’re redecorating your bedroom is to simply change your linens. According to our local Franklin Park movers, you can swap your bedroom linens for newer ones without breaking your budget. It’s not uncommon for your sheets, blankets and other linens to become well worn over time. You have most likely put your old linens to good use so why not replace them with a fresh pair. Sometimes old linens can even disrupt your sleep, which is not good for your overall health. Take the plunge and purchase a new set of sheets. Try looking for a high thread count made of comfortable cotton material for its breathability. You will be on your way to a good night’s rest in no time!  

Redecorating your bedroom is easier than ever before with our helpful tips. If you need any further assistance with your relocation, please contact our team of movers today to learn more about All My Sons Moving & Storage.