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Tips for Saving on Moving Costs

You just became a homeowner or signed a new rental lease, and it’s now time to relocate to your new home! Spending your hard-earned money on furniture and décor sounds more fun than purchasing moving boxes, packing supplies, or moving truck rentals. Moving can be a pricey task once you look at the logistics. Thankfully, our professional Franklin Park movers are here to share tips for saving on moving costs.

How Do I Keep Moving Expenses Down?

As you are planning your big move and looking at the price breakdown, you might be feeling overwhelmed. You have come to the right place if you are wondering, how do I keep moving expenses down? Budgeting and utilizing your already owned items are great tips for saving on moving costs. Check out our list below for more moving hacks to save money.

Moving Hacks to Save Money

According to our residential Franklin Park movers, there are many moving hacks to save money. Check out our tips for saving on moving costs below.

1. Find Free Moving Boxes 

While the price of moving boxes isn’t too high, it definitely adds up, depending on how many you may need. A great tip for saving money on moving costs is to find free moving boxes. You can begin your search on social media, where you can ask your community of followers if they have any boxes from online orders and packages they are willing to donate to you. Another great way to find free moving boxes is local liquor stores, grocery stores, and large department stores. These stores most likely receive orders weekly if not daily and they most likely throw out the shipping boxes.   

2. Purge Your Entire Home Before Packing  

Before your big move, you should begin by purging your entire home before you pack. It’s important to purge your entire home before packing because you will be able to cut down on extra space in the moving truck and reduce overall costs. Sell or donate your unwanted clothing, electronics, and furniture to make your relocation less expensive when transferring your belongings. There is no need to bring your unwanted items to your new home to collect dust and become cluttered.

3. Utilize Your Already Owned Items 

Another great tip for saving on moving costs is to utilize your already owned items. There is no need to purchase an excessive amount of bubble wrap for your delicate items. Instead, you can use household linens to protect fragile belongings. Garbage bags are also perfect tools for transferring your clothes directly on hangers. Unpacking will also be a breeze when you utilize garbage bags for your clothing items. Travel luggage and miscellaneous bags are perfect substitutions for cardboard boxes. Remember, there is no weight limit to worry about, so pack your suitcases and large bags to their maximum capacity!  

There is no need to stress about moving costs when our professional company has suggested a few tips. Keep in mind our tips for saving money on moving costs as you prepare for your move. Call our team today if you have any further moving questions or need any assistance with your relocation.