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Peak Moving Season: Summer or Winter?

Let’s face it, there really is no great time to move. The whole process requires so much time and planning to orchestrate a smooth relocation. You may be wondering, though, if there is a season best for moving. Is the best season to move between the cold and winter months or the hot and busy summer days? Deciding in what season to move depends on several different factors. The Franklin Park movers of All My Sons share some things to consider when you’re deciding which is the best season for your move.


Peak Seasons

Summer is peak moving season because kids are out school, the weather is warmer, and it is a lot easier to plan and organize a move. However, prices tend to be higher during these months. “Peak moving season is typically from May to September — roughly between Memorial Day and Labor Day — and is therefore associated with higher rates.”1


Don’t forget about the spike in winter as well. While winter may be favorable because it’s a lot cheaper, the weeks between December and January are the busiest for moving as well. During the holidays you will see an increase in prices and a higher demand for movers. Again, this is a matter of availability because many people are able to get time off at work and children out of school for their winter break. It’s is a lot easier for them to move during this time so prices start to surge.


Think About Travel

If you are planning a long-distance move, winter might not be the best season for you to move. The winter days are colder and shorter, the roads can be covered in black ice, and with everyone traveling for vacation or to visit family, the roads are more congested. In other words, it’s more dangerous to move during the winter.


According to the American Moving & Storage Association, “The winter can present moving companies with unforeseen issues like ice-covered walkways, driveways that need to be shoveled, and treacherous road conditions. While quick and efficient moves are a top priority, moving companies put the safety of their drivers and your goods first. They closely monitor weather and road conditions in order to avoid potential obstacles, but they will not risk the lives of their drivers by sending them out in dangerous conditions. Therefore, if you are looking for the greatest chance at having a move without weather obstacles or delays, the spring and summer months can be most promising.”


Talk to Your Moving Company

The best way to know what season is best for moving is by discussing it with the local moving company in the area where you are moving because they are more familiar with the weather patterns. The Franklin Park long-distance movers of our Illinois moving company are trained professionals who understand the art of moving. All of our professional movers will work around your schedule so that your move is stress-free and hassle-free. Call our friendly moving consultants today for a free, no-obligation moving quote and find out more about the other moving services we offer.



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