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Moving with Pets to Franklin Park

Moving as a family is already stressful, now imagine moving with pets. There is a lot of planning, effort, and attention that goes into it. Luckily, our Franklin Park movers have got the inside scoop on how to move safely with your pet.


Preparing a Crate


Whether or not your pet is used to a crate, you need to start adjusting your pet to one. Pets feel the energy and differences around us. You might begin to see some changes in their attitude as you begin to pack up your house. During these moments, crate your pet. Crating your dog or cat will give them a sense of comfort, a safe place to be when the commotion is happening. You do not want your pet to escape during the moving process when our local Franklin Park movers are in the home. Using a crate will also be easier for you to transport them in vehicles. If your pet is not used to a crate, slowly introduce them to it in the weeks leading up to the move.


Making Sure They Have a Vet


When you are in the process of moving with pets to Franklin Park, make sure that you have a vet in mind before you relocate. Talk with your local vet about any paperwork that needs to be sent before you move. Plan accordingly and have a plan. Most property management companies need proof that your pet is up to date with vaccines, especially rabies. Have your paperwork ready and on hand to show proof of their vaccines just in case.


Pet-Proof Your Home


The last step when moving with pets to Franklin Park is to pet-proof the new house after the move. Many people forget about this step since they were so used to their old house and figure a new home will be just as safe, but there could be hidden dangers to your pet in the new house. Certain plants are toxic to dogs and cats and small spaces where your pet can escape need to be covered up. Consider installing a lock on the door that makes it impossible for your dog to open. Also, check for rodents or other animals that could harm or even poison your pet.


Get in Touch with the Professionals


Our Franklin Park moving company delivers an efficient and safe relocation for you and your pet as well, taking extra care not to disturb them. Each mover is licensed and insured to handle your move whether it’s in town or across the country. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the moving services we offer, contact our pet-friendly Franklin Park moving consultants.