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How to Make Friends in Franklin Park

Moving can be scary, especially if you are doing it alone and entering a city you have never been to before. That is why our movers in Franklin Park want to teach you ways to make friends in Franklin Park.


Outdoor Group

When we think of Illinois, all that really comes to mind is The Windy City itself, Chicago. Besides driving to the city, how about joining an outdoor group that hikes, bikes, and generally just explore the outdoors. There are many outdoor groups in Franklin Park where you can make new friends and bond over something you both enjoy. Exploring what Illinois has to offer besides the Windy City are adventure friendship goals. Pack some water, grab a protein bar, stay in campsites, visit the natural beauties of the state, all with new people. If you aren’t an expert outdoorsman, don’t worry because this social group is open to beginners and experts alike! It’s not a competition, it’s just a way to have fun.


Soccer Club Chicago

Love the thrill of the sport? Or maybe you just love competitions? Either way, the Soccer Club of Chicago is great way to make friends in Franklin Park. This soccer group accepts anyone regardless of their skill level so don’t hesitate if you have never played soccer. This group is meant for fun! Enjoy the thrill of the sport and run across the field as you engage in some friendly competition.


Volunteer with a Local Organization

There are countless organizations that could always use more volunteers. Volunteering with a cause or organization that you are passionate about is a great way to connect with people and make friends in Franklin Park. Enjoy helping the community while getting to know the locals. We are a helpful and friendly community always looking for more volunteers to help prepare and set up meals for the homeless at the local shelter.


The Library

If you are more introverted and loud events with large crowds are not your thing, try the local library. The libraries in Franklin Park are peaceful and quiet but always welcome new people, assist those who need help with a book, and share some information about the city, including the history. The library is a great place to learn more about what’s going on in the city without getting too involved with large groups. They likely have more intimate events you might be interested in, like an exhibition of local art or a book club.


Contact Us

Of course, the first step towards making friends in Franklin Park is actually getting there! Let our local Franklin park movers be the first friends you make as they help you to town. They will even help you pack and then unpack all of your belongings as part of the Franklin Park packing service while we chat about things to do and ways to make friends in a new city.


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