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Step-by-Step Guide to Unpacking Your Home

If done right, unpacking your house can be an experience everyone can enjoy. To make sure it’s not complicated or stressful, there are certain steps you could take to organize the whole process. The expert Franklin Park movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage are sharing a step-by-step guide to unpacking your home efficiently.


1. Create a Plan

The first step to unpack your home is to have a system in place. The best way to tackle the unpacking process is all about organization. Assign each person a room to unpack, preferably their own. Each person can organize their rooms however they like. When they are done with their own rooms, they can work together to unpack the common areas like the kitchen and the living room. Not only does this get everyone involved, but everyone also knows where all items go so they can maintain it after the move as well.


2.  Start with the Necessities

The second step to unpack your home is by opening boxes that have the necessities. If you are confused about what “necessities” entail, these are items such as bed sheets, pillows, soap, clothes, and some plates and silverware. You don’t have to unpack everything all at once, but you want to be comfortable and cozy for your first night in the new house. As a bonus, if you have packed an essential bag with everything you need for your first night, you won’t have to open a bunch of boxes to find the stuff you need. If this is the case, you can just unpack your essential bag instead.


3. Head to the Kitchen

The kitchen would be the next room in the step-by-step guide to unpacking your home. Your food should be properly stored and you’ll probably want to start, at the very least, eating on your plates and silverware and drinking out of your glassware at some point soon.


4. The Bedroom

After the kitchen, you should probably tackle is the bedroom. Although there will be plenty of moving boxes for the bedroom you will need to unpack in the next couple of days or weeks, you just want to unpack a few key items. Our professional Franklin Park local movers also recommend assembling some furniture at this point such as the dresser and the bed, so you have a place to store your clothes and fall asleep that first night.


5. The Bathroom

This is the easiest room you will need to unpack because there are so few items compared to other rooms in the house. If you have a linen closet in the bathroom or close to the bathroom, make sure to at least leave a few towels in there right away so people have a towel they can use to dry their hands or after a shower.


One Last Thing

As one last reminder in this step-by-step guide to unpacking your home, invest in a professional packing service. Our full-service moving company and all-inclusive options include a Franklin Park packing service that will take that tedious task off your hands so you can focus on the rest of the move. Our movers will help you when it comes to packing and unpacking as well as the assembly of furniture. Don’t tackle this alone and instead call our experts to help.