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Make the Most of Your Storage Unit

Packing Your Storage Unit Can Be as Fun as a Game of Real-Life Tetris

Sometimes, trying to fit your belongings into a small square of space is like trying to put together a 1000-piece puzzle. If you find yourself in a position where you need to pack your storage unit and save space, there are a few hacks to keep in mind to make the most of it.

Don’t be intimidated by the smallness of your storage unit compared to that huge pile of your belongings; these tips can and will help you make it all fit during your move to Chicago.


Create More Space

You may be paying more attention to the with of your unit than to the height of it. Utilize this overlooked part of the storage square by stacking appropriate items as high as the space (or your height) will allow. By doing this, your Illinois movers say that you can maximize space without sacrificing the safety of your belongings. For instance, if you have a table in your unit, save space by stacking relatively light boxes or piling bags of clothing on top of it.

Another tip to make the most of your storage unit is by using the packing space available in existing furniture, such as dresser drawers or armoires. Store appropriate items into these areas to create more space and make unpacking a bit easier.


Label, Label, and Label Some More

You probably aren’t going to remember what you packed in that cardboard box a month ago. For this reason, you must label all of your packed belongings during your move to Chicago. For suitcases and boxes, take photos of the contents to tape onto the front. In addition to a detailed label, this will give you an exact idea of what’s in that box.

Also, pack your storage unit more efficiently by organizing your belongings into separate compartments. For instance, you can section of the square for just the kids’ stuff, placing everything to be unloaded into their new rooms in that space.


Protection is Key

Protection is key, so lock it up. If your storage unit doesn’t come with a lock, invest in one. It will surely pay off.

Another way to protect your valuables or your furniture is to wrap items like couches, chairs, or mirrors in plastic wrap. This saves them from being scuffed or broken during your move to Chicago. Also, break furniture down into its smallest form so that you can save space while protecting your goods.

Don’t forget to check your storage unit frequently, too, making an inventory of items to keep track of during your move.

For surefire protection of your belongings and to really make the most of your storage unit, hire professional movers like our Illinois movers. Our experts can show you how it’s done and make packing your storage unit fun.

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