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Who Do You Trust to Move Your Piano?

Would you trust just anyone with the crucial task of moving a piano? If you care about your piano’s safety, you sure wouldn’t – but who can you trust to relocate such a heavy piece of furniture? Our Chicago residential movers are also professional piano movers, and we want to take this opportunity to educate all local piano lovers who may be in need of moving services soon.

We Know How Important Moving a Piano Can Be

Our professional piano moving team always provides the proper protection and care when relocating such a large and delicate item. In many cases, our customer’s piano has been in the family for generations. As a family owned and operated moving company, our Chicago local movers take family heirlooms very seriously and will treat yours as though we are moving our own prized possessions. 

When moving an object of such enormity, inexperienced movers often make the mistake of underestimating the difficulties that may arise. Our licensed and insured movers know how to move extremely heavy items without hurting ourselves or your property, and we also know a thing or two about your piano’s special needs when being transported. 

The heaviness of the instrument is one aspect of moving a piano that makes the job a tough one, but your piano is also filled with very delicate components; pianos must be moved carefully and steadily otherwise turbulence during transport caused by less-than-careful movers can and will wreak havoc on the tension of your piano’s strings. Each key on your piano is connected to a miniature hammer with a felt beater which strikes individual strings inside as your fingers play the keyboard. Movers who have little to no experience moving pianos don’t realize the importance of gentleness while moving these instruments and will have your piano singing a sad song assuming it even arrives at your destination safely.

We Take All the Precautions When Moving a Piano

Truly professional piano movers in Chicago will give your piano the white-glove treatment and move your pride-and-joy with a gentleness that is 100 percent necessary. To maximize the safety of your pianos journey, your Chicago movers safely disassemble, and wrap each component of your piano in quilted furniture padding. After two layers of our durable padding protection are applied, we reinforce the packaging with shrink wrap so the pads stay in place. After your piano is padded for protection to a professional standard, our Chicago piano movers carefully lift and position the instrument onto a specially-made ultra-padded piano dolly. 

Does a Piano Need Tuning After Moving?

With the padding and protective wrap being employed, vibrations from the move (caused by rolling over cracks in the sidewalk, cobblestone, up stairs, etc.) are absorbed so that your piano’s tuning can remain as close to perfection as humanly possible! You may not even notice a difference, though there will always be at least a slight de-tuning resulting from the move. However, the difference between your piano tuner’s job of tuning an instrument moved by professionals as opposed to inexperienced movers is night and day!

Moving a piano can wreck your nerves, especially if it carries more than a tune in sentimental value. If you’re weary about trusting your cousin with your prize, call upon our Chicago full-service movers to get the job done right. Contact us today to speak to a representative and receive a free, no-obligation quote.