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Plainfield Moving Tips

Our job is to not just to move you, but get you ready to move safely and soundly. Local moving and long distance moving require a great deal of care from licensed, professional movers who know the Plainfield area.


Whether you are a local move in Plainfield or a long distance mover, the same basic rules apply.

Preparation is key when moving locally or out of state. Decide what you want to keep and what you can live without. Local moves are time based and long distance moves are weight based. With our extensive knowledge of local moves in Plainfield as well as long distance moving, we will be able to save you money through the care we take with your goods and the professionalism we provide.

Get your estimate in writing and get an on site inspection if you have more than 4 rooms. All My Sons Moving and Storage of Plainfield provides dozens of FREE (that's right, free!) estimates every week of the year. It doesn't matter if you are moving from Chicago and moving to a suburb, like Plainfield, or if your move is within Plainfield. This will help you with cost control.

ONLY SEEK ESTIMATES FROM LICENSED, PROFESSIONAL MOVERS! Do not be afraid to ask to see their insurance certification! There are many "brand x" movers that have no insurance! Often, you can check their BBB record to see if they respond to their customer's challenges.

Get references from the mover, whether you are moving locally or long distance. All My Sons of Plainfield has satisfied thousands of customers over the last 10 years moving locally in Plainfield and moving to all states!

Not sure how to pack? Let All My Sons give you a free estimate on packing services! We can give packing advice if you are moving locally within Plainfield or going long distance.

If your new home is not ready but you need your goods out of your old home, check out our modern, local, secure storage facility. We will store your goods locally and deliver it anywhere you need it to go.

Make sure the mover provides you with required state and federal consumer information during your free in home estimate or upon the movers arriving at your home in Plainfield. Even during a local move, there is required consumer information that the mover is obligated to provide you.

Our vehicles are safely equipped with moving pads and logistic straps, so your furniture is safe and secure when it is on its journey to your new destination. With a self move, you are not always guaranteed that equipment when renting a truck or using your friend's SUV. Our moving vans are specially made for this type of work, so rest assured they are maintained in accordance with regulatory standards for key optimum performance and safety.

Naturally, you will have a lot of questions on your move day, which we would love to address for you to aid in your adventure towards becoming an educated consumer. There are also some good questions to ask your mover! We are here to talk over the phone every day, and you can always ask your movers any questions you have on the day of the move as well. We like to use this as an outlet to answer some commonly asked questions of our drivers. Some are:

-How long will my move take? It all depends on how much you are moving and what you are moving. Usually it takes us about an hour per room of furniture (about a half hour to load, another half hour to unload). It is important to remember that getting boxes onto and off the truck is typically much quicker than trying to get a piano on and off the truck.


-How will we protect furniture? We always bring quilt pads with us to protect your furniture.

-Will my things all fit into the truck? We can usually fit about 9000 pounds onto our 26 foot trucks (up to the legal weight limit). It all depends on exactly what you are moving. A lot of boxes that can be stacked on top of each other will fit easier on a truck than a lot of exercise equipment that cannot be broken down. Bulkiness, density and volume all play a part. The better packed a customer is, the quicker we can load.

-Should I tip the movers? That is entirely up to you. We pay our employees for the work that they do, and they are not depending on tips. If they provide a good job and you feel like they deserve a tip, the amount is entirely up to you. Tipping is customary for local movers in the Plainfield area.

-Do you provide boxes? We bring boxes on the move day in the truck with us. We even provide four free wardrobe boxes on loan during the move! We have boxes available for purchase as well. If you know you will need packing assistance or need to pack a few boxes at the last minute, give us a call and we can notate your needs in our system.

-Can I help in the moving process? All My Sons employees are the only people allowed onto the truck for insurance purposes. If you are trying to expedite the process, get everything ready in one room or outside BEFORE we arrive. Once we start the move process, you cannot be involved for insurance reasons. Relax and know that your goods are in professional hands that work efficiently to get it done! That is why you hired us.

-Can I ride in the truck? No - only employees of All My Sons are allowed in or on the vehicle at any time.

Once you know your date for moving in Plainfield, let All My Sons Moving and Storage of Plainfield make your moving day the first step of a great journey in your new home!