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Chicago Movers Aren’t the Only Facebook Lovers in Town

Parents-to-Be Turn to Facebook for Assistance in Naming Their Daughter!

Parents-to-be and avid facebookers, Lindsey and Dave Meske, have turned to the masses of fb itself for some rather unusual assistance. The expecting couple has launched a facebook page calling on users to vote on the name of their unborn child. Rather than consulting baby name books or doing a web search for fitting names for their daughter, Lindsey and Dave have narrowed down their selection to a list of four names and will rely on votes to decide the final verdict –even complete strangers have the ability to vote on the Meskes’ unborn daughter's name via the facebook page! Your Chicago area movers have seen many examples of facebook being used as a social tool. Many clients even have facebook to thank for finding the Maryland movers best fit to handle their relocation service needs. Facebook has certainly grown leaps and bounds and has become a widely-trusted source of information and advice among users, but this is unlike anything your Chicago mover has ever seen in social networking! Something tells us that the Meskes will be turning to facebook when the time comes to move in order to make room for the new baby! By the way, the four names currently on the ballot are McKenna, Madelyn, Emily, and Addilyne. Which name would win your vote?
Your Chicago movers may never have considered the use of facebook in such a manner as the Meskes have for naming their daughter, but as the uses of facebook become more numerous and more valuable stories such as this one become less and less surprising. For baby names alone, this is not even the first time facebook has played a major role. Israeli newborn, Like, was named after the famous “Like” button by two facebook-loving parents. In fact, A baby born in Egypt in February was actually named Facebook, a name which the baby’s father thought very appropriate as the social network had such a strong influence on the Egyptian revolution which occurred early in the year. 
Your movers, just like Lindsey and Dave, won’t soon abandon the all-mighty facebook as it enables us to engage with our current and potential customer base in a manner which is extremely convenient for all parties. Have you recently had an excellent moving experience with us here in Chicago? Like us on facebook to spread the word! We’re always checking in to see the latest news and feedback; it is hard to put facebook down! Dave Meske can surely relate as he has “become addicted to checking it nonstop.” Dave said the following regarding the temptation to check on the polls, “It’s like watching the stock market ticker.” Your Chicago moving professionals definitely know the feeling, Dave!