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Chicago Movers Excited for 2012 Road Repairs in Illinois

It is no surprise to your Chicago professional movers that more than 600,000 potholes were filled in 2011. As a moving company that covers the whole state of Illinois and beyond, we know more than most how big of an issue the state’s deteriorating roads is. Fortunately there are big plans in store for 2012 and tackling the Chicago pothole problem that affects all local resident motorists. Discussion of appropriately-named “pothole killers” being put to use suggests that 2012’s remedial action toward unacceptable road conditions will be very effective. Your Chicago relocation experts can definitely get used to smoother rides on pothole-free roads and can’t wait to start seeing results!
Did you know that repair crews mended more than 60 potholes for every lane-mile in Chicago in 2011? With damage being so widespread, it is no wonder that Chicago area motorists spend an average of $340 dollars more than the average American motorist. Chicago has its work cut out for 2012, and taking into account that state roads wear out more than thirty percent quicker than roads are repaired, there is no questioning Illinois need for a real solution. Chicago area moving companies are out on the road every day and feel the abuse that potholes and other obstructions cause to vehicles more than most, so your family movers here are passionate about a plan for renewing our streets and highways. What do you think?