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DIY Masks for COVID-19 Protection

Finding the proper mask to wear during COVID-19 is becoming increasingly more difficult. Many businesses are turning their facilities into sewing shops for masks since hospitals are in desperate need for personal protective equipment (PPE), as is the nation. At the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, it was recommended that all persons wear an N95 mask – a respirator mask that is a particulate-filtering face mask respirator that meets the classification set for air filtration by Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA). The N95 mask filters at least 95% of airborne particles.

If you have tried looking for N95 masks or any masks lately, you know that they are now impossible to get your hands on. Our movers in Houston know that keeping your family safe is important to you, as it is important to us. We have gathered some steps on how to make your own mask and what you can use to make your own mask at home.

DIY Masks: What You Can Use to Make Your Own Mask at Home

Many people have started to get creative with making their own masks at home. If you are planning to learn how to make your own mask, our local Houston movers can help! Since there are different ways a mask can be made, we have listed how to make a mask that involves a t-shirt, some scissors, and a marker.

How to Make Your Own T-Shirt Mask
To make your own mask, you will need to find something made of cloth or 100% cotton that you are willing to cut, like an old t-shirt or even a tank top.

1. On your old piece of fabric, outline the pattern of a mask on the upper part of the shirt from the neck hole over to the sleeves. You will not want to use the bottom part of the shirt.

2. You will then cut along the lines through both sides of the shirt. This will give the mask two layers.

3. Using a safety pin, place the pin along the bottom and insert a paper towel or coffee filter between the two layers of the shirt. The coffee filter or paper towel will act as an additional filter, resting on the safety pin.

4. Once your mask is cut out and complete, you will want to secure it by the front of your face to cover both your nose and your mouth. Then, you will want to tie the top straps of the mask under the back of your head and the bottom straps to the top – creating an X by your ears.

Our Houston residential movers are with you in these tough times during COVID-19. We are open and fully operational to help you move into your new home and show you how to make your own mask. Contact us today to learn more about our efforts toward the coronavirus.

Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage, we thank our clients for trusting us with their relocation. Given the increased attention of COVID-19 (coronavirus), we want to assure all clients that their safety and our employees’ safety are a top priority. While we’re experts in moving, we want our clients to know that we’re actively implementing the health and safety guidelines outlined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to ensure we take the proper precautions.

We’ve instructed our employees that experience symptoms, defined by the CDC, to not report to work and instead contact their doctors. We ask that if you or any of your family members have experienced COVID-19 symptoms, please let us know immediately so we can take the proper additional precautions.

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