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Where to Relax After Moving to Hilton Head

Vacation all-year-round when you move to Hilton Head. The beautiful, quaint little town is home to lush beaches and fresh seafood. Trying to avoid the tourists and just relax with locals can be tough to navigate when you are new in town; but our South Carolina moving company has created some insider travel tips to make your forever stay feel like a permanent vacation.

Tiki Bar

Some of the best beaches are in South Carolina – and if you’ve decided to move to Hilton Head, chances are you already know this. The Tiki Bar is a local bar on the beach that’s popular with tourists and residents. On the website, the Tiki Bar counts down the hours till the sun sets. With frozen cocktails and live bands, each moment spent here will have you appreciating why you decided to move to Hilton Head. Grab a seat or stick your toes in the sand and lay back to watch that glorious sunset.

Investing in a Bike

Hilton Head is a beautiful island, measuring 12 miles long and four miles wide. Our Hilton Head auto movers suggest in ditching your car and investing in a bike. The island is home to numerous biking trails – many other residents who live here have decided to go-green over time. Download the free public multi-use pathway app to learn the routes. Stroll on a bike and stress less about your car and gas.


Home to many different activities, Hilton Head is the perfect island to start a new sport or hobby. Our South Carolina moving company suggests that new residents should investigate picking up golf. The island is home to golf school, golf courses, and even mini golf courses to get the children involved, as well. Studies have shown that golf is an elegant sport that releases natural endorphins in the brain, producing a happier and relaxed state of mind. After you move to Hilton Head, you can check out our page for other activities and experiences.


One of the main reasons why tourists love to flock to Hilton Head is to relax and melt troubles away at some of the best resorts and spas. Unpacking all your luggage and home items is overwhelming, especially when you have a new place to decorate and set up. As soon as our Hilton Head auto movers leave your home, book a spa treatment. At All My Sons, we recommend either a couple massage for you and your significant other, or booking an appointment for focus on “me” time.

Here at our South Carolina moving company, we believe in giving our customers the best tips and ideas on where to relax after moving. Contact us at All My Sons so we can provide you with a stress-free moving experience.