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What You Need to Know About Moving Insurance

Right after you’ve contacted our Hilton Head movers to inquire about our quality relocation services, they may offer movers insurance along with their other services. Sure, opting for movers insurance will cost more than if you didn’t choose it, but it exists for a reason. Like health and car insurance, movers insurance offers you peace of mind knowing that your valuables are covered in case of damage or theft. Our South Carolina movers can better explain what movers insurance is and why you need it for your move to Hilton Head.


What is Movers Insurance?

For you to understand why movers insurance is important to obtain, you must first know exactly what you’re purchasing. Insurance for moving is just like auto and health insurance. Accidents can always happen, no matter how precise you plan the move to Hilton Head, and your valuables will be covered just in case. There are various movers insurance policies to choose from and they’re contingent on what and how many belongings you need to be moved. Such policies protect your valuables from theft, loss, fires, floods, and other causes of damage.

Types of Moving Insurance

Long-Distance Insurance

With various relocation services provided by Hilton Head local movers, it’s highly recommended to purchase movers insurance if the move will cover over a hundred miles. While our certified Hilton Head long-distance movers are highly trained in safe driving over hundreds of miles, it’s always comforting to have that peace of mind from movers insurance in case an obstacle arises during the move. Such obstacles can include weather delays or unforeseen route changes that may cause damage to your valuables. Of course, we provide top-notch Hilton Head packing services to securely pack your belongings to reduce the risk of damage during the move to Hilton Head, but you’ll be glad to have some sort of coverage in case moving goes awry.  

Auto Moving Insurance

If you opt for our Hilton Head auto movers to help you relocate with your vehicle, it’s extremely important to purchase moving insurance. Yes, our expert auto movers specialize in moving vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even boats, but it’s crucial to have movers insurance when relocating an automobile over a long distance, given that vehicles have a high value. Risking damage or loss during the move to Hilton Head is not worth the money you’ll save if you choose not to purchase auto moving insurance.

Our Hilton Head auto movers exhaust all our resources to make sure your vehicle is shipped safely and securely while keeping you updated on the process along the way. We provide excellent customer care to keep you informed on the status of your vehicle’s move. Still, we also recommend purchasing auto movers insurance for your peace of mind.


The top priority of our Hilton Head residential movers is to ensure the safety of your belongings throughout the move. When you select our Hilton Head movers as your first-choice in relocation services, you’ll be pleased with our high-quality customer care you won’t find anywhere else in town. For over twenty years, our moving company in Hilton Head has helped families and businesses relocate across the country. Call us today for your free, no-obligation quote!