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Weatherproofing Your Belongings When Moving to Hilton Head

Moving day to Hilton Head is right around the corner, and it seems there’s rain in the forecast. What can you do? Can’t postpone the move, so you must weatherize your possessions, and be prepared for anything to happen on moving day.

When it comes to furniture, these are probably the last thing you want getting ruined on your way to your new home. So, the investment in furniture covers will be well worth preserving that expensive furniture during a rainy-day move. Most of your cloth furnishings will have a tailored plastic covering that can preserve them and keep them from getting damaged. However, there are many items, specifically wood pieces that need to be covered to prevent moisture from permanently warping or bending your wood furnishings.

Labeling is a key factor for the avoidance of inclement weather damage. Largely and clearly label the pieces of furniture which can not get wet. Make large labels that can clearly be read for “UNLOAD FIRST” or “CANNOT GET WET.” These are just some examples that can come in handy during the chaos that happens when everyone is running around and rushing to stay dry.

Although you may have a tarp or plastic cover for protection to keep boxes form getting wet, this may not provide one hundred percent protection from moisture. Cardboard boxes can absorb water easily if the conditions are right. As an added safety net, line the inside of boxes with plastic and tape all edges and openings with packing tape to enforce water intrusion from occurring. For weak boxes, don’t be afraid to wrap the entire box in plastic and secure it with packing tape. It will not only make the box sturdier, but it will create a force-field from any water damage.

Other items you must go the extra mile to protect is your electronics. Individually wrap electronics in plastic and secure with packing tape. Once secure, place electronics in a proper waterproofed container and securely close with packing tape. Depending on the significance of the weather, it is recommended to waterproof the box your electronics will be placed in even though you individually wrapped your electronical pieces.

Now that you have prepared for wet conditions during the move, prepare for the wet conditions during the unloading portion of the process. Lay out dry tarps, clothes, and moving blankets to cover up wet floors and other areas where boxes must be placed before going inside.

If bad weather is expected for the day of your move, one solution is to hire professional packers if you simply don’t have the time or products to properly pack the items yourself. They have the packing products necessary to handle any type of move, including moves in inclement weather. Additionally, hiring professionals to properly pack everything won’t cost much more than buying all the packing products to ensure the safety of your belongings.

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