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Tips for Moving during Summertime

Tips for Moving during Summertime

The summer is one of the craziest times to move. It’s when families with school-age kids move, and when the military does their personnel moves. If moving in summer is unavoidable, the Hilton Head movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to give you some tips for moving during summertime.

If you are moving in summer, first things first, start planning as far ahead as possible. You do not want to wait until the last minute to start making reservations with a quality moving company. Moving companies start booking up pretty early on, so you want to start your research even earlier, so that you can be prepared ahead of time to schedule a time for movers.

If possible, you should try to move on a weekday or in the middle of the month. You should always do your best to avoid Memorial Day weekend and the last weekend in July. These weekends are the busiest moving days of the year.

You should be realistic about packing. If you are certain you can handle it, go for it. You should just be careful and remember that if you decide right before your move that you actually do need help from a moving company, you might not be able to get it. Moving companies might not have the crew to spare at that point, and no matter how much money you are willing to pay, many just won’t be able to provide you with packing services. People choose to opt out of packing services because they want to save money and figure they will just do it themselves, but remember: life happens. You should consider investing in packing services for your move. The Hilton Head movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage offer incredible packing services that can be tailored to meet your needs. Just call our moving coordinators ahead of time to schedule your move!

Since you are moving during the summer, the heat can be brutal. You should take care of noting which items do not belong in the moving truck. Candles that are packed in the back of the moving truck during the summer will melt all over your stuff, so you should carry them with you in your own vehicle instead. The same goes for CDs, DVDs and video game discs, you should keep these out of the heat and with you because the discs can get so hot that they warp. If you are travelling with any leather upholstered furniture, be sure to use a pad instead of plastic wrap because the furniture will “sweat.”

Aside from taking care of your needs and your belongings, you should be taking care of your workers! Moving in summer is hot and a lot of hard work and you don’t have to move mountains for your crew, but some cold water and snacks are more than enough to keep your crew happy and motivated. Your Hilton Head movers appreciate any gesture, no matter how big or small. Just don’t forget to keep them in mind during your summer move.