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Refresh Your Bedroom with the Best Bedding for 2020

The new year is a perfect time to replace your old sheets and bedding. Over time your bedding will become worn and overused after sleeping with them night after night. The dedicated Hilton Head movers are here to help improve your sleep with a few of the best bedding options for 2020. Let's discuss a few ways to refresh your bedroom in the coming year. 

The Best Bed Sheets 

Finding the best bed sheets is more or less a personal choice; however, our residential Hilton Head movers have put a few of the top contenders to the test. Overall the Luxe Core Sheet Set by Brooklinen came out on top. Your carefully crafted sheet set comes with two pillowcases, a flat sheet and a fitted sheet. These sheets are creamy and buttery smooth, made of 100% cotton. Making your bed is easier than ever before with their long and short side labels, so you won’t have to struggle to figure out which end goes where. Choose between several colors and patterns from twin size to California king. With prices starting at $129 for twin size and up to $169 for the California king, the quality of this sheet set can’t be beat. 

The Champion Cozy Comforters

One of the essential aspects of your bedding is your comforter. Not only do comforters complement the aesthetic of your bedroom, but you also use them to keep you warm at night. According to our local Hilton Head movers, the champion cozy comforter is the Tencel Comforter from Pottery Barn. Its sophisticated yet soft design makes it one of the best bedding options for 2020. The reversible comforter is made with 100% cotton satin fabric are natural, environmentally-friendly materials. You won’t have to worry about a stressful cleaning process because it’s machine washable! 

The Best Blankets for Bed 

It's very common for people to sleep with a cozy blanket, too. The dedicated Hilton Head long-distance movers understand the desire to add warmth and style to your space with the best blankets for the bed. The Bedsure Fleece Luxury Blanket from Amazon ranks high on the list of some of the best blankets on the market at the moment. This cozy blanket starts at $19.99 for the twin size with other options like the king-size for only $29.99! The color options are excellent for every style and personality. This blanket is 100% microfiber and is super soft! We promise your family and guests will love this incredible blanket. Keep this fantastic option in mind when you’re looking for extra warmth and comfort at home in Hilton Head. 

The best bedding for 2020 will help you achieve wonderful, restful sleep on the first night in your new home. Our professional moving company is here to assist you with your relocation to Hilton Head. Please call our team today to learn more about our moving resources.