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What to Expect from a Professional Moving Company

You have sold the house and now you are ready to move. What now? This may be your first time moving and you don’t know what you should expect from a professional moving company. At All My Sons Moving & Storage, our Hilton Head movers are here to help you understand what to consider when choosing a moving company and more importantly, help you through your first big move.

Taking Inventory of Your Belongings

Once you have hired the moving company of your choosing, professional movers come to your house to begin the inventory process. You should expect a professional moving company to respect and dedicate time to you in order for your move to be a successful one. Hire a moving company that takes the necessary time to fully account for all your belongings as they take inventory. You should expect moving boxes with the proper labeling and your movers should walk through the house to estimate a price.

Remember to clarify the services you need and the quotes your moving company gives you as well as any potential fees for unexpected incidents before signing any contract. Our Hilton Head local movers always give a free, no-obligation moving quote so you know how much everything costs before you move.

Packing Services

If you have hired a full-service mover, one of the most important things you should expect from a professional moving company is a packing service. Most moving companies do pack your stuff. The great thing about full-service movers is the fact they do the packing and unpacking for you! Our Hilton Head packing service is all-inclusive, taking the time to make sure all your items get packed away properly and will even dissemble and reassemble your furniture. At All My Sons Moving & Storage, we also provide the proper packing supplies to our customers. We have specific items that may be harder to find in stores at your request.

Heading to Your New House

Now that everything is packed and finalized, you can expect a professional moving company to effectively manage their time to make sure your items get delivered to your new house when you prefer. Always communicate with your professional moving company. Unless there’s an unexpected occurrence, such as poor weather conditions or technical difficulty, there shouldn’t be any delays. If you are using long-distance movers, make sure to have a number where you can reach them for any reason.

Our Hilton Head movers always want to make sure you are given the best service possible, whether it’s a local or long-distance move. Contact us to learn more about the other locations where All My Sons Moving & Storage is available as well as the other moving services we offer.