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Packing Tips for Your First Vacation

One of life’s best moments is making memories during a vacation. Of course, the tone for the vacation can be completely ruined when you arrive and realize you didn’t pack properly. The Island movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to help you avoid the mishap of improper packing with these packing tips for your first vacation.

As impressive as it would be to unpack your entire suitcase and have everything wrinkle-free, this is just not going to happen, ever. So, our first tip:  make the most of your space in that suitcase. Roll your clothes, don’t fold them. Tightly rolled clothes take up far less space and they also have a higher chance of coming out without deep wrinkles and creases like folding provides.

The importance of lists is so underrated. Every time you put something in your luggage, add it to your list. The feeling of having an inventory of everything you packed in your hand will take away any stress and that “I forgot something” feeling that everyone gets when they go on a trip. Don’t get rid of the list either. You’re going to need it again. Once you pack up to finish your vacation and head home. The list once again will come in handy and prevent you from leaving anything behind.  Who knows when you’ll be in Egypt again?

Expensive items, prized possessions, family heirlooms, and anything that has a high meaning in your life, we recommend packing in your carry on, if it can fit. As secure as checked bags may be, luggage does get lost from time-to-time and it’s better to lose clothes than that laptop you need to graduate from college.

Read up on your airlines baggage policies. Going through airport security can take be time consuming and a headache. Read up on their policies for liquids and other materials that have a chance of holding up you and the rest of the people going through bag check. Plus, you don’t want that new shampoo bottle getting thrown out before you can enjoy it.

If you can get your hands on some packing products, do it. There are packing aids available that can vacuum seal your clothes into an airtight bag that will save you a ton of space to bring more of that extensive wardrobe you just can’t live without.

Check for laundry room access. Most hotels and resorts you stay at offer laundry room access to its guests. If you lucked out and booked a hotel with this bonus, you’re going to save a lot of luggage space for your upcoming vacation. You can even wear that favorite outfit of yours multiple times throughout the trip. I mean who doesn’t want to wear their lucky underwear on a daily basis?

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