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Moving with Pets

After the death of a loved one and divorce, moving is considered the third most stressful life event. [1] Moving is a major disruption to our routine. Moving tasks include booking our South Carolina moving company to help you move into your new home, scheduling the installation of a home security system, and changing your address with various places of importance, among other things. Yet, amongst the flurry of excitement and stress, your furry friend will most likely get overexcited as well.  Animals are accustomed to a routine, and once disrupted, they’re prone to accidents in the house or act in a destructive manner. Not to worry, the Hilton Head movers of All My Sons can show you how to move with pets successfully!


Before Moving with Pets

The sooner you start preparing your pets for the move to Hilton Head, the more likely you’ll have everything in place. First, give your veterinarian a final visit to get any shots or prescriptions needed for your pet that will last a while after you’ve settled into the new home. Consult the vet about recommendations for reliable veterinarians in Hilton Head to ensure your pet receives the best care after the move. Also, inquire about any state regulations for rabies tags if you’re moving long-distance with pets.


Once you’ve visited the vet, start putting together an overnight bag for your pet to help him or her maintain their behavior throughout the move. The bag should include items such as grooming tools, cat litter, toys, pooper scooper, food, and treats. The treats are especially great for the journey as it’s a way to reinforce good behavior from your furry friend!


Moving with Pets Across the Country

Now that your moving day has arrived, it’s time to pay careful attention to your pet’s wellbeing as the sudden disruption to their routine may cause them stress, especially if you’re moving long-distance with pets. While our Hilton Head long-distance movers safely pack your valuables to load on the moving truck, call reputable hotels along the route to Hilton Head to check in advance if they’re pet-friendly.


Once you’re on the road, you can put your furry friend in a kennel to keep them safe during the move. A week or two before moving day, acclimatize your pet to the kennel by having them sleep in it for a while. Reward them with treats every time they exhibit good behavior. Who’s a good boy/girl?!


After Moving to Hilton Head

After you’ve moved to Hilton Head, remain attentive to your pet’s behavior until the process is over. While our South Carolina movers are carefully unpacking and reassembling your furniture as part of our Hilton Head packing services, keep your pet in a designated area of the new home so they’re not in the way of the chaos. This can also help them become familiar with the new home. If you have a big dog, let them run around in the yard to work off their excitement and keep them safe in order to prevent them from running away.


Moving with the Pros

When you make our Hilton Head movers your first-choice in relocation services, you’re sure to receive reliable service you won’t find anywhere else. For over twenty years, our South Carolina moving company has been helping families and businesses move across the country, giving us the experience you’re looking for. Don’t delay, contact us for your free moving quote!



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