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Moving with Children

As your moving day is fast approaching, you’re most likely working hard to tie up some loose ends before you move to Hilton Head. Among the tasks you need to complete for your big move, you have to consider your children. Kids tend to experience increased anxiety when they need move into a new home. There are ways you can quell their anxiety while keeping them busy during the big move. As our Hilton Head movers take care of all your relocation needs, you can focus on helping your children cope with moving.

 Before You Move

Before you move to Hilton, make moving with children an adventure. In a family meeting, let the children know they will be doing fun activities such as visiting a local candy store or spending the day at the park while our South Carolina movers unload and unpack your belongings after moving to Hilton Head.

In the days leading up to the big move, make sure to include your move to Hilton Head in conversations daily, in different ways. Keep an eye out for any triggers the children may have to help you pinpoint potential issues in advance. Helping children cope with moving may require you to carefully plan out the day for the little ones to help reduce their stress.

Another way to get your kids excited and engaged in the move is as simple as a paint fan deck, the little booklets with the spectrum of paint colors. The kids can fan it out, have fun looking through all the colors and their fun names, and then pick a color for their new room. This will keep the kids optimistic during the move as they also pick out other décor for their room like bean bag chairs, wall decals, and bedding.

 During the Move

Now that your moving day is finally here, the anxiety of moving for your little ones may start to set in. Start off by introducing them to our Hilton Head movers, who also care about children. Familiarizing the kids with the movers can help calm them as your boxes and furniture are being loaded into the truck.

As our South Carolina movers are getting all your items moved out, take the opportunity to spend some time with the children. Most kids want to remain in a familiar setting with someone they know to help them feel less anxious. Do small tasks with them like dusting or giving the movers water to keep them preoccupied.

In addition to spending time with the kids, have a special tote bag or a box full of the little ones’ most prized possessions. These can include favorite toys, books, coloring books, or a mobile tablet to watch a movie.

 After the Move

Once you fully move to Hilton Head and our South Carolina movers are carefully unpacking your boxes with our Hilton Head packing services, use the whole day to explore the new town with your children. Find new places like playgrounds and pizza parlors for them to spend time.

Another way of helping children cope with moving is by exploring their new town and meeting the neighbors. Introduce your children to the new neighbors and their children to help them make friends. Your children will be growing up in this area, so it’s important for them to start developing friendships.

 Moving to Hilton Head with Us!

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