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Moving to the Beach

Things You Should Know About Living by the Ocean

Moving to the beach is an opportunity to experience 24/7 scenic views, fresh seafood, and the luxury to just say you live on the beach. But before you go ahead and make that transition there are a couple of things you should know about what you should expect. Our movers in Hilton Head are all too familiar with the beachy lifestyle and are here to prepare you for this new change.


Explore the Area

Moving to the beach means exploring the new area as much as you can. This is the best way to get to know the new area you are moving to and a great way for you to meet some fo the locals.


Expect Sand Everywhere

Once you move to the beach you will start to notice sand just about everywhere. From the car seats to your bed and everything in between, there’s no escaping the sand. You can either get used to it or spend your life on the beach perpetually vacuuming the house. You could also invest in a robot vacuum that will clean it up for you.


Watch Out for the Tourists

Locals love their beach town and will do anything to protect it. At first, you may not notice all the tourists who come and visit your town, but once you have lived there for a while you will be able to tell who the locals are and which ones are the tourists. During peak season or holiday weekends, your favorite restaurants will be crowded, lines everywhere will be longer, and the worst part is that you’ll find trash everywhere except a garbage can. Tourists, unfortunately, have an issue with littering and failing to recycle. Patience is key when the tourists flock to your beloved town, so jest breathe in the salty air and listen to the soothing sounds of the ocean.


Better Health

One of the best treatments for overall wellbeing is the beach. Once you move to the beach your common ailments such as colds and sinus issues will occur less frequently. People who suffer from mental illnesses like depression show signs of improvement when they live by the beach as well.


No A/C, No Problem

Many people who live by the beach do not rely on their air conditioning all the time. One of the best things about moving to the beach is the ocean breeze right outside your window. Just open a window and let the cool breeze circulate through your house. Plus, by not using the a/c all the time, your utility bill is lower and you can use the money you save for something else.



Beach towns are usually located in sunny places, so if you’re moving to the beach, sunburns might become part of your life. To prevent sunburn, make sure to wear sunscreen every day. Make it part of your new routine before you leave the house. Don’t be fooled by a cloudy day, the UV rays are still really strong and can cause a nasty burn. Sunscreen is a staple for the locals who live in a beach town.


Moving to the Beach

Our local Hilton Head movers are the pros you can count on to make your relocation to the beach easy breezy. Call our friendly moving consultants today to learn more about the moving services we offer and get a free, no-obligation estimate.