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Maintaining Your Wood Deck

Maintaining Your Wood Deck

Living in Hilton Head, a lot of time is spent out in your backyard and on your deck. Is your deck starting to look a little grey? To keep your deck looking its best, follow these tips from the Hilton Head movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage!

Wooden decks can take a lot of abuse from the weather and just overuse. With periodic cleaning and refreshing, you can keep your deck looking good as new. Before you start cleaning your deck, you should sweep away all the leaves and other debris. You should also gently wash down the deck and surrounding area with your hose.

The Hilton Head movers suggest that the first step to maintaining your wood deck is to clean it thoroughly. Deck cleaners usually contain harsh chemicals so don’t forget to protect your skin and eyes. You should use a pump sprayer, roller or a bucket and brush for easy application. When using a deck cleaner, you should always read the label. The manufacturers do a lot of testing on their products and know the best way to use the product.

You should apply the deck cleaner to all the surfaces and allow the cleaner to sit for the recommended period. After you have applied the cleaner and let it sit for the recommended time, you should wash down the deck. A pressure washer is the best tool for the job, but a garden hose would work just fine.

Now that you have cleaned the deck, you should check for any necessary repairs. If any boards are badly deteriorated or damaged, you should replace them. Should you see any protruding nails, drive them back into the wood or replace them with deck screws. If there are any rough spots, especially on railings, you should use a sander to smooth them out to prevent splinters.

Once the deck has dried and you have fixed any repairs, you should refinish it with a tinted deck stain or clear sealer. According to the Hilton Head movers, there are a variety of deck stains for you to choose from. Stains come in solid colors that can hide the grain of the wood and transparent stains that allow the grain of the wood to show through. To apply the sealer or stain that you choose, you should use a pump sprayer. It is a good idea to use a pump sprayer because sealers and stains are much thinner than paint. Once you spray the wood with the sealer or stain, you should go over it with a paint brush. Going over the stain with a paint brush while the sealer is still wet will work it into the cracks and spread it out more evenly.

You should let the sealer or stain set for a couple of days before having guests come over or putting furniture back down. If you follow these tips for maintaining your wood deck, your deck will be looking as good as new!