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Kitchen Packing Hacks

How to Organize Your Kitchen Into Boxes

Moving is not only exciting but also very stressful. One of the most overwhelming aspects when it comes to moving is all the packing you have to do and the kitchen seems to be among the most tedious rooms to pack. With cabinets, cutlery, and fragile glass plates, when you are packing up your kitchen you need to be cautious. Luckily, our movers in Hilton Head are sharing their kitchen packing hacks for a successful move.


Clean Out Your Kitchen

Before you even start putting things into boxes, you should first clean out the fridge. Check the expiration dates and visually inspect your food for mold or other signs that it’s time to go. Throw away any food that has gone bad. Try to keep groceries to a minimum, only purchasing items you eat on a daily basis so you won’t have to worry about properly packing food for the journey to the new house.

Food that can easily spoil won’t survive the relocation process, so if you still have a stocked fridge by the time you move out, you have a few options. You can just throw it away, but that’s wasteful. Friends and family might be interested so have them take some of these perishables off your hands. Finally, if you’re moving locally, you could pack the frozen and refrigerated food in coolers and insulated bags (like a lunch tote). Transport them in your personal vehicle and turn the AC up. Make sure this is the first thing you unpack when you get to the new house.

After figuring out what to do with the food in the fridge, sort out your pantry items. Even if pantry staples last longer than perishables, you should still check expiration dates and throw out the old stuff. Though canned goods can last a while, they are heavy and take up a lot of room. If you want to take them with you to the new house anyway, just pack them in sturdy boxes as you would other items. However, donating your canned food to charitable organizations is a kitchen packing hack that doesn’t just make moving easier for you, but it benefits others in the community who are struggling with hunger.


Use Plastic Wrap

Cutlery is one of the weirdest items to pack. How do you even pack it? Well, a budget-friendly kitchen packing hack you may not have thought of is to use plastic wrap to keep all your utensils together. Take the whole cutlery organizer wrap it in plastic wrap sot he cutlery doesn’t fall out and the sharp knives won’t damage anything by mistake. If you do not have a cutlery organizer in your drawer, you could wrap each type of cutlery in plastic wrap. Make sure you generously wrap the tips of the knives to ensure they won’t poke through.

Use Linens

Packing peanuts and bubble wrap can cost a lot of money, especially in the quantity you are using it. For an affordable kitchen packing hack, wrap mugs, plates, and glass in kitchen and bathroom towels. Clean socks also are a great method to stuff cups and mugs to prevent them from breaking.


Pots and Pans

To secure the lids to your pots and pans, all you need is a rubber band and some tape. You can pack the lid and pot as one unit, even sticking spices and small objects inside the pot to save room.


Throw Away Kitchen Cleaner

Kitchen cleaner should be tossed before you move. There are a lot of harsh chemicals in those substances and to prevent a spill or leakage, most moving companies will ask you to throw these harsh chemicals away. If they haven’t been opened, just double wrap it in the plastic wrap or stick it in Ziplock bag as an extra precaution.


Hire a Packing Service

When you opt for Hilton Head packing services, expert movers safely pack your kitchen items. Even with all the kitchen packing hacks, this room seems to be the toughest and most daunting aspect when it comes to relocating. Save yourself the time and stress by hiring a moving company such as All My Sons Moving & Storage to manage your move from start to finish.