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Holiday Gift Ideas on A Budget


While the holiday season is slowly creeping up, your bank account might feel a little uneasy. Moving to a new city during the holiday season while you still need to purchase gifts for loved ones can be stressful. Have no fear! The professional Hilton Head movers are here to share holiday gift ideas on a budget.


Gifts Under $5

If your funds are pretty tight this year, don’t panic, you will still be able to give gifts to your loved ones! Here are a few gifts $5 our Hilton Head local movers suggest.

1. Hair Accessories and Skincare

The women in your life will gladly accept hair accessories and skincare. You can gift hair clips, funky scrunchies or a fun and hydrating sheet face mask.

2. State Ornament and Key chains

After relocating to your new home in Hilton Head, you can gift your loved one an ornament or key chain that represents Hilton Head or the town you left as a reminder of your lovely memories.

3. Mugs

Mugs are excellent gifts to make the recipient’s morning extra special. You can purchase an affordable coffee or tea mug with their initials, a snarky phrase, or a cool design. Consider something stylish and practical if they’re the type who’s constantly on-the-go.


Gifts Under $10

A ten-dollar budget can stretch a little further this holiday season than you may think. Our Hilton Head residential movers have a few recommendations for holiday gift ideas on a $10 budget.

1. Makeup

Drugstore makeup has been competing with high-end makeup recently and has sometimes even come out on top. You can easily find drugstore makeup that is good quality and makes a great gift under $10. Pick out an eye shadow and a shimmery highlighter to brighten up someone’s holiday season.

2. Candles

You can find high-quality candles for under $10 at Target, Walmart, Amazon and even Bath & Body Works when they run their weekly sales. Holiday candles are wonderful gifts that won’t break the bank. Throw in a stylish candle holder to give it that little extra something.

3. Cookbook

There are so many delicious cookbooks that you can purchase for well under your $10 budget. Check out Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other bookstores for your cookbook gift. For the chef or baker, instead of a cookbook, why not a recipe journal where they can keep their recipe experiments to see what works and what doesn’t?


Gifts Under $15-$20

The Hilton Head corporate movers understand the desire to purchase gifts for all the people in your life including co-workers, however, it can get pricey fairly quickly. Thankfully there are several gifts between $15 and $20 for your holiday parties and gift exchanges.

1. Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps radiate positive vibes and healing. These wonderful home decor items are great gifts on a budget that’ll add a nice glow to a coworker’s desk. 

2. Spa Gift Set

You can find excellent spa gift sets at Target and other retailers. Try to find travel-sized products that range from hand creams, facial moisturizers and lip balms.

3. Tea Kettle

The holiday season is a perfect time to sip on some herbal tea. There are many affordable tea kettles that would make great gifts on a budget.

Thankfully our dedicated movers were here to share holiday gift ideas on a budget. Now you can relax and focus on relocating to Hilton Head. Call our team today if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.