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Designing the Perfect Guest Room

When you stay at someone’s house in their guest room, you want to feel comfortable, like you are right at home. There are ways to create the perfect guest room so you can make your guests feel right at home too. The Hilton Head moving company, All My Sons Moving & Storage, shares some ways you can create the perfect guest room so your visitors feel welcomed their entire stay.

Keep the décor simple. If you decorate your guest room the way you want your room to be decorated, you are just reminding your guests that they are at someone else’s house. The Hilton Head moving company says keeping the décor simple and stylish will allow your guests to feel comfortable and settle right in.

Provide books. Whether you have an entire wall full of books or a few sitting on the dresser, providing your guests with reading materials is always a nice touch.

Keep a folding luggage stand. This hotel-inspired touch is thoughtful and will surprise all those who stay in your perfect guest room.

Add hooks and hangers. When you get home, you probably put your keys, wallet, purse, or anything else in a designated place. Your guests do not have this at your house, so the Hilton Head moving company suggests adding hooks behind the doors for your guests’ convenience.

Place fresh flowers. Fresh flowers create a warm welcome to your guests and are a wonderful touch to the perfect guest room.

Stock the nightstand. Provide bottles of water, some small snacks, like nuts or dried fruit, a bowl for jewelry, and a lamp that is easy to turn on and off.

Make note of the things around town. Give your guests a small book or a few notes of some of the places in the area, like restaurants, gyms, and other places they may want to go while they are in town.

Give your guests the Wi-Fi information. Before they even have to ask, provide your guests with the Wi-Fi access information.

Provide toiletries. Just in case your guests forgot any of their beloved toiletries, it is nice to have a few extra in a basket for their convenience. The Hilton Head moving company also suggests providing fresh towels without your guests having to ask you for them.

Make it about the guests. Your guest room is for the guests, so give them a few drawers or room in the closet to store away their belongings. Do not take up room in the guest room as if it was your storage unit. Especially if they are on a long trip, it is a nice feeling to open the closet for clothes instead of constantly rummaging through a suitcase.