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Best Moving Apps 2019

Now that you’ve decided to move to Hilton Head, it’s time to start planning the move. Sure, you may want to contact our South Carolina movers to help with a hassle-free move into your new home, but what about the logistics on your end? It’s important to organize everything before your move to Hilton Head to reduce the chances of something going haywire. Nowadays, there’s an app for anything, and there are certain apps to make moving easier. Our Hilton Head movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage list some of the best moving apps in 2019 to help you relocate sweat-free.



If you haven’t exactly found a new home in Hilton Head yet, give Zillow [1] a try. The Seattle-based company allows you to browse through thousands of listings for rent in the city and around the country. Zillow provides high-res photos, accurate quotes, and reliable resources for future homebuyers and renters. What’s even better is the real-time view of a selected real estate’s neighborhood, giving you the overall feel of the area.



Now that you’ve found your new “home sweet home” on Zillow, it’s time to start mapping out a floorplan. Being one of the best moving apps in 2019, Magicplan [2] makes furniture arrangement easy peasy lemon squeezy. Using augmented reality as you walk around the property with your smartphone or mobile tablet, Magicplan creates an accurate floorplan to help you figure out where to set up furniture. No more moving the heavy couch “just a little more to the right…no, no, a little to the left.”


The app records the dimensions of the house, inch by inch, so you won’t have to depend on your precarious memory. The app also features 3D models, virtual tours, and site surveying, making it the perfect addition to your moving checklist!



Are you having trouble organizing relocation tasks, reminders, notes, and due dates? Well, that’s the job for Wunderlist. [3] This app enables you to create to-do lists, schedule tasks, and even enable notifications as the deadlines approach. Wunderlist can be synced to numerous smart devices to help you and others in the household stay on top of everything, no matter where you are.


Facebook Marketplace

Moving into a new home with old, useless junk isn’t necessary, nor recommended by our Hilton Head movers. Lighten your load for the move to Hilton Head by hitting up the Facebook Marketplace. The platform allows sellers to reach prospective buyers beyond their network. The app lets users sell just about anything: from clothes and electronics to kitchenware and even vehicles.



Preparing for a big move can leave anyone famished, so our South Carolina movers suggest downloading a food delivery app such as UberEats. [4]  While our Hilton Head auto movers safely transport your car to your new home, you won’t have the opportunity to drive around town for food. But UberEats takes care of all that for you. Depending on the area where you live, you can select from a variety of cuisines listed on UberEats, and once you’ve made your selection, you can expect your doorbell to ring in less than an hour!


Simple Moving with All My Sons

Before you plan your move to Hilton Head, give our professional full-service movers a call first. We provide an array of quality relocation services, giving you the peace of mind all your packing and relocation needs are met. Call us today for your free, no-obligation quote. Happy moving!



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