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3 Best Places to Eat in Hilton Head 2019

Hilton Head is just not the perfect place to live, but it is also one of the best destinations for food. Known for some of the best barbecue in the nation, friendly waiters and waitresses, and home cooked meals, our local Hilton Head movers are sharing the best places in to eat in Hilton Head in 2019.


Lowcountry Backyard

Owners Dave and Raina Peck are sharing their fond memories of their youth on the island through food. A local staple for fresh food and great memories, Lowcountry Backyard is one of the best places to eat in Hilton Head. As stated on the website, “The food is here now, and the Lowcountry Boils and oyster roasts are coming soon. Experience the Island and LOVE the food with us. Welcome! Share food, stories, and advice. Definitely make yourself at home."1


Bullies BBQ

You can expect true home cooked South Carolina barbecue at Bullies. Taste the freshest, leanest pork, slow cooked over hickory and mesquite wood. As noted on the website, “Chef Bob Sutton is famous for his South Carolina Pulled Pork. Served up dinner-style or on a sandwich. Don't forget to add a couple of "bones" of pure Memphis heaven.”2 This restaurant is a true staple of South Carolina BBQ and cannot be missed when you’re in town.


Hudson's Seafood House on the Docks

If the view alone won’t want to make you stay, then the food surely will. Hudson’s Seafood House on the Docks is a local favorite and true hidden gem. Hudson’s is one of the only two remaining places that employs fishing fleets from Hilton Head Island. It’s one of the best places to eat in Hilton Head because the restaurant brings in some of the freshest seafood delivered straight from the docks to our kitchen then to your table. “For more than 50 years, Hudson’s has been a tradition for islanders and visitors as Hilton Head’s most renowned seafood eatery. Almost all our seafood comes from local waters. We are committed to buying local seafood from local fisherman and serving it to our customers at its freshest. Our guests enjoy 3,000 gallons of oysters and 70,000 pounds of shrimp annually, as well as 250,000 raw oysters. The Hudson’s family of servers, chefs, hostesses, managers and everyone at our Hilton Head restaurant wants to welcome your family to have a great local experience and seafood meal!”3


Come Explore Hilton Head

If you’re not quite craving the options at these three restaurants, there are hundreds of delicious eateries waiting for you in Hilton Head. To learn more about these delectable local Hilton Head eats or if you want to know about our local full-service moving company, you can contact our movers in Hilton Head for more info.



  1. Lowcountry Backyard
  2. Bullies BBQ
  3. Hudson's Seafood House on the Docks