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3 Best Beaches at Hilton Head

A bad day at the beach is better than a good day moving.

Dipping your toes into a sea of cool water may be the first thing you want to do after finishing your move to Hilton Head. There’s nothing like the ocean breeze and a bit of tanning to take the edge off. Fortunately for you, Hilton Head beaches are among the best beaches in South Carolina.

While you can’t really go wrong with a day at the beach, your Hilton Head movers have collected the area’s top three beaches to lay out that polka dot beach towel and pull out a good read.


1. Coligny Beach

Don’t let the crowds scare you away from this popular Hilton Head hotspot. If you love a day at the beach but don’t really like spending hours there, Coligny Beach can be a great option for you. This coastal getaway boasts boutiques, restaurants, and other places that you can visit during your trip to the beach. Maybe lounge for a bit, swim for a while, and then go grab something to eat with the family.

Coligny Beach also has densely-packed sand which is great for runners, bikers, or families who like to play soccer or frisbee while at the beach.

Access and parking are free, too, so you won’t have to worry about spending crazy amounts of money after your move to Hilton Head. Another thing this beach has over other Hilton Head beaches—Wi-Fi. That’s right. Coligny Beach even offers guests Wi-Fi at no added charge.


2. Folly Field Beach Park

You don’t have to be on vacation to get away for a bit. If you want a smaller, much more peaceful beach atmosphere, Folly Field Beach Park fits the bill.

With a boardwalk and seasonal beach rentals, guests can relax and recuperate after their move to Hilton Head in the quiet ambience of Folly Field Beach. You can bring the family dog, too. Lounge on the beach with a good book and then take a stroll with the family along the boardwalk to enjoy the nature.

Folly Field Beach may not be one of South Carolina’s most populated beaches, but that’s what makes it one of Hilton Head’s best beaches.


3. Burkes Beach

Another one of Hilton Head’s beaches that attracts locals and visitors alike is the serene Burkes Beach. Local surfers especially flock to this wave-haven for some of the best surf in Hilton Head.

Whether you’re a surfer or more of a boogie-boarder, Burkes Beach has a lot to offer in terms of activities besides its beautiful, white-sand beach. Also, less crowded than Coligny beach, this area is nearby a park with a ton of family activities. After your move to Hilton Head, take the group out for some snorkeling at the beach and then a game of basketball or tennis at the Burkes beach park.

Relaxation is key to recovery after a stressful move to Hilton Head, so why not make that at one of the best beaches in all of South Carolina. Contact your All My Sons Hilton Head movers today and make your move more efficient so that you can spend more time at a sunny Hilton Head beach.