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2019 Home Decor Trends in Hilton Head

If you are moving to Hilton Head, South Carolina, there are so many ways to design and style your home. Traditionally charming Southern homes are now incorporating modern styles and adding a unique perspective to interior design. Our Hilton Head movers share a few of the top 2019 home décor trends in Hilton Head to inspire the interior design for your new home.


Eye-Catching Fixtures & Hardware

If you don’t like the current light fixtures or handles on your drawers, you could swap them out for fixtures and hardware with a sleek copper finish or unique shape. Adding distinctive fixtures is an easy way to spice up your new home. You could add industrial Edison lights in your kitchen or even a modern crystal chandelier. Edison bulbs add a modern industrial touch to your home. You could have the lights dangle individually or connected in a semi-flush, but the possibilities are endless. Chandeliers have been a design favorite for generations but now there is a new, modern spin on chandeliers, which is one of the 2019 home decor trends in Hilton Head. These chandeliers make great statement pieces in the center of your home. You could choose a chandelier with round bulbs suspended in a linear position or a candle style with long, skinny bulbs.


Goodbye Boring, Hello Accent Accessories

If you are looking to add your personal touch to your home, you could add accent pillows or an abstract mural or maybe a bold colored rug to your home. According to our Hilton Head commercial movers, accessories allow you to elevate the style of a room with interesting details to really make it your own. Don’t be afraid to blend modern with rustic elements, this is your house and your personality. If you have dark furniture, try adding neutral pillows or bright chrome fixtures to make the room pop. Maybe you purchased a beige couch but want to add a beachier style to your living room. You could add aqua pillows and an abstract rug. Make sure you are sticking your own style because staying true to yourself never goes out of style.


Play Up Your Wall, Add Patterns That Pop

Your home was most likely designed with neutral colors and is waiting for you to put your own stamp on it. An easy place to add color is in your kitchen. There is a wide variety of backsplash styles to incorporate in your kitchen. You could choose a bold backsplash that makes a statement and becomes the focal point or a simple, chic color or design to complement the countertops and cabinetry. Geometric backsplashes are one of the 2019 home decor trends in Hilton Head. They have become widely popular due to their technical details. Another simple way to add a pop of color is with your living room couch and other furniture. According to our local Hilton Head movers, homeowners this season are incorporating more color couches and ditching neutral colors. A hunter green or pink suede couch will make your home pop and makes for a great conversational piece. Play around with color this season and choose fun patterns to make your home feel cheerier and more fun.


Remember to think about our tips when incorporating the 2019 home decor trends in Hilton Head. Welcome home to Hilton Head – we hope you enjoy decorating!