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Moving with Children in Greensboro

Now that you’ve finally decided to move to Greensboro, you’re most likely in “GO” mode trying to wrap up all your relocation tasks. These tasks may include booking our North Carolina moving company to help you move into your new home, updating your address with various places of importance, or scheduling an installation of a home security system. Amongst the flurry of excitement, you may not notice how overwhelmed your children may be. More so than adults, children are likely nervous about the sudden change in their environment. Our Greensboro movers can share useful tips on moving with children.


Before Moving to Greensboro

Get a head start on facilitating your move with children by holding a family meeting a couple of months prior to your moving day. Discuss what to expect on the day of your move with the kids. Mention our North Carolina moving company coming by, how long the journey to the new home will take, and even talk about some of the things in your new neighborhood. In the weeks leading up to the move to Greensboro, bring up the topic whenever you can to help the children feel mentally prepared for the big day and reduce their moving anxiety.


Along with discussing the move to Greensboro, involve the kids in decisions about their new room. Have them pick out décor for their new room such as lava lamps, curtains, rugs, posters, decals, and more. Decorating their room ahead of time will help your children become more optimistic about the move to Greensboro.


Moving Day

Once your moving day has finally arrived, it’s time to pay careful attention to your children’s wellbeing throughout the move. When our Greensboro movers arrive, introduce them to the little ones to help them look less strangers and more like friends. Our trusted movers of our North Carolina moving company know how confusing moving can be for children, and a simple conversation with our movers can help put your kids at ease.


While the expert movers securely pack your valuables with our Greensboro packing services, designate an area in the home for the children to stay. Keep them preoccupied such as picture and coloring books, toys, or a mobile tablet to watch their favorite TV shows or movies.


After Moving to Greensboro

Once our Greensboro auto movers safely deliver your vehicle to the new home, take a drive around town to do fun activities with the children. Such activities can help your children become acclimated to their new surroundings. Visit fun venues like family entertainment centers, amusement parks, arcades, and more.


Introduce the kids to the neighbors to help them get to know those who live within the new neighborhood. Meeting the residents of the area can help them look less like strangers to the little ones and, who knows, they might have children of their own for the kids to befriend.


Moving with the Pros

When looking for reliable movers to help you move to Greensboro, select our North Carolina moving company as your first-choice. For four generations, our movers have helped families and businesses relocate across the country, so you can put your full trust in us! Don’t delay, call us today for your free moving quote.