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Stone Mountain At A Glance: A History Set in Stone

Moving in Stone Mountain

Martin Luther King Jr. said it best when he said, “let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia…” The view from the top of Stone Mountain is absolutely gorgeous. Stone Mountain is the second oldest town in Dekalb County. It was chartered in 1839 and is on of the metropolitan Atlanta’s “greenest” cities because of its four City Parks.

Stone Mountain is more than 5 miles in circumference and extends 9 miles underground at its longest point. Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and Jefferson Davis, three figures of the Confederate States of America, are carved into the mountain’s face. The top of the mountain is a beautiful landscape of bare rock and rock pools. Apart from being just plain breath-taking, the view from the top of Stone Mountain includes the skyline of downtown Atlanta, often Kennesaw Mountain, and on the clearest of days you can even see the Appalachian Mountains. During the summer season, however, visibility can be limited due to the fog that often hangs over the top of Stone Mountain.

One of the most interesting things about Stone Mountain is that the freshwater pools of the summit are home to unusual clam shrimp and the now believed extinct, fairy shrimp. Only appearing during the rainy season, the tiny adult shrimp die when the pools dry up but leave behind eggs to survive until the next rains.