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5 Moving Tips for Broke College Students

The struggle is real when it comes to being in college and broke. Independence has finally descended upon you, but with expenses of food and books. Trying to live the college dream is tough when you have no money to do so. Our Gainesville movers have created five moving tips for broke college students to out there to get more bang for your buck.


Tip 1: Stick to a plan.

Suddenly, you find yourself looking at your account and realize your summer job money is coming to its end. With the expenses of new books and a heavy load of classes, there is no room for a part time job. However, the advice our movers in Gainesville can give you is to plan. Write down a plan and stick to it! Plan out what you must buy for your classes, put important needs first, and if there is money left over, you can use that to treat yourself to whatever you want.


Tip 2: Shop in bulk.

Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJs will now be your new BFFs. Ask you roommate or friends to split groceries with you to save on expenses. This might seem like an expensive purchase but comparing it to buying little items constantly totals up to the equal amount of the bulk items, and then some. Plus, you can’t beat those gas prices! Our movers in Gainesville will be able to tell you which bulk stores are in the town.


Tip 3: Cut out bad vices.

This is a shout out to all the smokers and Starbucks drinkers out there in college. Smokers: packs of cigarettes cost a lot, and if you are a tobacco user, the chances are that’s where a lot of your money is going towards. Trying to break the habit will be hard, but your lungs and your wallet with thank you.

Now for all the Starbucks addicts out there, refer to tip two, and buy your coffee in bulk. Our Gainesville movers recommend in investing in some sort of coffee machine and using that everyday instead of buying that five-dollar pumpkin spice latte countless times a week.


Tip 4: Drinking and shopping? Think again.

Hide your keys, hide your wallet, hide your cards. Nothing screams college like drinking cheap beer or liquor and then proceeding to spend all your money on food. Bad decisions are usually involved when shopping under the influence. Sure, that midnight run to Walmart seems fun while you’re drinking, but all you’re going to be the next morning is broke, and maybe even hungover.


Tip 5: Make use of your college campus.

Your college campus is your new home, so make use of the dining hall and all the free events offered. Many colleges have free food or free notebooks you can use instead of going out and buying brand new ones. Consider being a room adviser, or RA. Not only will being an RA help you make some money, but some colleges let their RA stay for free room and board.

For one last piece of advice, consider sharing an apartment with as many people as possible, or have you ever considered a tiny house?


At All My Sons Moving & Storage, we strive in making your college dreams come true. Keep up to date for more moving tips for broke college students, and contact our Gainesville movers to learn more information for prices and other services that we offer.