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What to Do When You Need to Cancel a Move

Did your plans change? Do you need to cancel or postpone your move to Fort Worth? Don’t worry yourself too much now, we understand that life is complicated and throw us curveballs. You can cancel your move if you need and not incur any cost if work has not yet started.

Our Cancellation Policy

Because we do not require a payment to reserve a date and time for the move, we will not lock you into an unfair contract forcing you to pay us for work that you no longer need and that we have not yet begun. This policy is not only good for our Fort Worth moving company, but also for the entirety of All My Sons Moving & Storage locations across the nation.

How to Cancel or Change the Date of Your Move

We choose to not write up contracts with our customers, but instead, an order of service, which is not itself a contract. Because of this, you are not bound to our agreement and are thus free to cancel, postpone, or otherwise delay your move date. So, what you must do is call the All My Sons national line at 1-800-892-7667, our Fort Worth moving service line at (817) 813-8611 or perform an internet search for your local All My Sons location if you are not using the Fort Worth location (moving to Fort Worth). Simply let us know that you’d like to cancel, delay, or reschedule your move, and we’ll take care of it!

What Happens if I Cancel My Move?

If you decide to completely cancel the move, we simply change the order of service and cancel the move. If you wish to change the date of the move, we work with you to determine a new move date and change the order of service thusly. We do not want you to feel uncomfortable when you need to cancel the move, we absolutely understand!

If you decide to cancel the move to Fort Worth after work has already begun on the move, you have, unfortunately incurred some cost. The cost will depend on the stage of the move as well—but we will not be able to refund all of the money paid up to that point in time, if work has indeed already begun.

What Else Should I Do When I Cancel My Move?

Not only should you have the date canceled, but, if you plan to not move at all, you should be sure to cancel all other services and return your unused moving supplies for a refund. For example, if you ordered boxes, tape, a dolly, and packing services, you should be sure that you did cancel the packing service, and return the supplies to us or from whom you bought them.